Toaru Majutsu no Index II

Title: Toaru Majutsu no Index II
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Rating: 7.5/10

Summary: Second season of Toaru Majutsu no Index

Review: If any of you read my first look you probably already knew this rating was coming. I found this season to be slightly better than the first, but not by much. Almost everything was the same in terms of story development, art and soundtrack. The minor differences were in characters obviously with the introduction of new ones and better development of previous characters from season one. So I gave it a slightly better score. Now I will give this a short review and only focus on the key changes from season one to season two. I figured most of you wouldn’t read or bother watching the second season without the first.

The biggest difference were obviously the characters. While you still get the same old adorable Index and Misaka, you also get a lot more new baddies that I personally feel were better than the first season. Among the different enemies my favorites had to be  Vento of the Front and Amata Kihara. The two of them just had that sick and twisted side to them that I love. I found that Vento of the Front’s powers were awesome and fun to watch as well. A tongue piercing that hangs all the way down to your waist that you can hit to summon balls of hurt? That was the most unique power I have seen in the series. Her villainous laugh and clothes reminded me of an evil jester of sorts. Characters from season one generally had the same personality except the almighty Accelerator. He quickly became one of my favorite main characters of the season. Although he was leaning toward the side of good, it was clear his true intentions were to only benefit himself. Of course he had a soft spot for his little companion Last Order (MISAKA clone No. 20001). Seeing more of him probably made the series all the better for me. Not only did I enjoy watching him fight, he also had that cool  yet bomb-shell personality that keeps me hooked. Seeing the series show more of his lifestyle and changes was a definite plus. Even the small issues he has like losing Last Order were entertaining to watch. I feel that his character change was the biggest between the two series and brought a lot more to the show.

The story for me was still difficult to follow with the different organizations and quick dialogue. Again that is more likely a personal problem than an actual show problem. I just never really was good at memorizing every little detail which you need to do for this series. However, I was still entertained and caught enough of the story to get a general idea of what was going on. This season seemed to have a lot more faction switching as well in terms of who is helping whom. I guess having a common goal of note dying brings people together. The one thing that got my curious were the number of death threats Academy had to go through. I mean it seemed like every other week there was some “super spell” that would wipe out the entire city. Sorry to say but that is the worst security I’ve ever heard, and why are there even so many god-like spells in the first place? It’s as though religious groups were just storing them all for a “just in case we want to blow up the entire damn universe” situation. I understand they want to throw off the balance of belief and science, but holy molly.

Final statements: To wrap things up I still consider this a preferred watch and if you watched the first season definitely watch this one. If you still haven’t watched the first one, well if you got some time watch both seasons. The way they ended it was a bit frustrating but I’m 99% sure they will have a season three, so I can’t wait.

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