The New Anime Anthology

I’m sure all of you have noticed the minor major changes we’ve made the website. There will still probably be a couple changes happening here and there, but nothing too crazy. This new layout change is actually the reason why I’ve been lagging behind on the reviews and general posting. I’ve spent quite a few hours, days, weeks, and I guess you could even say months trying to get this exactly the way I want it. I figure that I’ll never see my website as “perfect” which to me is a good thing. I want to make changes, updates, and keep things looking to the future.

I would go over the layout like I did the last time, but I’m hoping that people understand it without explanation. I tried to make it as stream line as possible to get to reviews, impressions, previews, and miscellaneous posts. It breaks everything down so you get the information you’re looking for faster instead of going through tons of different posts or seeing ones you didn’t care so much about. I also tried making it easier to contact and send feedback by adding a quick little Feedback section at the bottom of the page. Simply type your name and message and I’ll read the email as soon as possible.

Anyway I hope you like the new layout!


4 thoughts on “The New Anime Anthology”

  1. Yoooo!!!

    Back from the grave and coming back in 2014. LOLDSFAN is here!

    Wow a lot has changed since I last visited. Interesting take on a new revision. Ha it’s been so long now it appears this place is probably due for another one lol. I think it actually has been literally a year since I last said anything.

    Anyway I plan on sticking around as much as I can now. 😀

  2. I’m glad you’re back! I hope you like the new layout. I’m continuing to tweak it here and there, but no major changes in the near future (hopefully).

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