Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu

Title: Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 7.5/10

Summary: 2nd season of Mitsudomoe

Review: The second season of Mitsudomoe was a lot better than I expected. The jokes were still funny and the characters were still fun to watch. Overall the second season topped the first despite only having eight episodes. I would say that the jokes were a lot bolder, but taking it the extra step had me laughing every episode.

The art style was just like the first season so not much had changed there. I still didn’t like the glossy joint coloring or extremely round everything. Though after the second season I probably got used to it a bit more. Although the art didn’t improve the soundtrack certainly did. If you read my first look for this season you would know that I kind of enjoyed listening to the opening. Having the three sisters singing was a plus because it brought something new to the table, or at least something that isn’t often incorporated into the soundtrack. The ending wasn’t bad either. Instead of going for a slow melody they went for more of an electric sound. I didn’t generally listen to it after the episode ending because I was too excited to watch the next anime, but the couple times I let it play I didn’t mind it.

In terms of story the second season was just like the first. I was afraid that the series would go downhill when they opened with an episode of Gachi Rangers. Even so I found myself laughing at the poorly done episode of non-hero like heroes. For a strictly comedy anime I really think episodic is the way to go. Mitsudomoe did a great job coming up with new quick shorts to keep the series going. The trio’s father was by far my favorite character yet again. Every time he shows up on the screen I know that something funny is about to happen. The running gag of him looking like a creepy pedophile and embarrassing the sisters was always a good time. I enjoyed how they thought of new ways to throw him into trouble with the law and still look like a caring (possibly over caring) father. I noticed that this season focused a lot more on the youngest compared to the first. I felt that they wanted to show a different side to her than the scary devil girl sitting under Yabe’s desk. Speaking of which, Yabe played a very minor role this season. I think that was for the best because watching a very depressing, single, lonely, and desperate teacher can only go on for so long. He had his moments to shine, but the series really is about the kids. It’s difficult to say much about the anime since it is so short and it isn’t too much different than the first season. So I will leave it at this: if you enjoy comedy pick this anime out. It can be a bit dirty, and it may seem strange at first but I grew to really enjoy the humor.

Final statements: After a bit of thought I felt that having only eight episodes in the season was a smart move. It definitely ended on a high note and left me satisfied. The jokes were a bit dirtier and more awkward but hilarious none-the-less. If you enjoyed the first season you should definitely pick this one up, and if you are new to the series it is still a preferred watch so why not give it a go?

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