Updates #3

Don’t worry guys the forum isn’t down (though don’t think most of you would notice if it was). I wanted to give a quick update to all the new features/graphics I added in! Why? Well partially because I want everyone to know because I spent quite a long time on it, and to show off a little. So here is my list of showing-offness:

  • Alternating post colors for easier read
  • Shoutbox available to all members
  • New awesome mod (Edward~XD)
  • Updated CSS code
  • Updated banner
  • Updated Old/New post graphic
  • Avatar max size increased (150×150)

Also a quick shout out to LOLDSFAN for joining the forum quite some time ago and starting to become more active! Thanks for your support since the beginning <3.
Now what do I want you guys to do to help out Breaking the Boundary? As you can tell our graphics aren’t too great on the main page or forum. So I want to have some member submissions to help make Breaking the Boundary even better. Why would you want to do this? Well for one you would get a nice shoutout and off-link to your website, and it would be a nice thing to have your artwork up on a website don’t you think? Plus we need the support from our loyal fans :P. If you want more details on the project check out the forum post to find out more about it!
Thanks for all your support, I wouldn’t be doing this without you guys.

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