Top 3 Preferred Anime Couples (2015)

The first of our 3-part valentine special features preferred anime couples.
Love just isn’t on their minds right now? Or maybe there is chemistry between them but the other is already “tied” to another? Is there a reason or two that these two are not yet together? All aboard! These pairs are meant to be shipped. Here’s our top 3 preferred anime couples.
WARNING: Although these characters are not officially a couple, that may in itself be a spoiler. If you don’t want to be spoiled on the following anime please finish them first before continuing!

  • Akatsuki no Yona
  • Arslan Senki
  • Houkago no Pleiades
  • Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

Arslan x Etoile 2Arslan x Etoile
Arslan x Etoile 3 Arslan x Etoile 4
Couple: Arslan x Etoile
Series: Arslan Senki
I’ve always liked the thought of a Romeo and Juliet like story between Arslan and Etoile. They met each other during their childhood in a rather unconventional circumstance, and then grew up in very different life styles. However, Arslan was greatly influenced in his way of thinking thanks to Etoile. The two of them coming together despite being from different factions makes for a rather interesting love story.

Hak x Yona Hak x Yona 2
Hak x Yona 4Hak x Yona 3
Couple: Hak x Yona
Series: Akatsuki no Yona
Since the first episode I’ve wanted Hak and Yona to get together. Sure she’s surrounded by a bunch of dragons who serve her, but Hak does it of his own will. He wasn’t destined for the princess, he only looked at her from afar, trying ever so slightly to get closer.

Bell Cranel x Hestia Bell Cranel x Hestia 2
Bell Cranel x Hestia 3 Bell Cranel x Hestia 4
Couple:  Bell Cranel x Hestia
Series: Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?
I know that Bell doesn’t see Hestia in the same light, but seeing them together has always set a warm spot in my heart. Not only do they laugh and have fun together, you can see that they truly care about one another. I just wish Bell would realize how much he means to Hestia!

Couple: Minato x Subaru

Series: Houkago no Pleiades
Theirs is a love connected by the stars. Subaru was the hope that lit up Minato’s life. Minato was the courage that enabled her to move forward. However, they met in a world that has yet to allow them to live happily together.

Couple:  Bell Cranel x Hestia
Series: Is it Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?
“More than anyone, more than anything, I want to help you. Because I love you.”
Goddess Hestia has been very forward about her feelings for the only member of her Familia but given how dense our protagonist is, Bell continues to admire another girl. While it is his desire to stand beside Aiz that has made him grow tremendously as an adventurer, it was Hestia who supported Bell through it, more than a normal goddess would do for her child.

Couple: Hak x Yona
Series: Akatsuki no Yona
More than his promise to the late King, Hak’s undying loyalty stems from a love that he denies himself of because of his duty. Throughout their journey together, Hak is always on the border of letting his feelings get the better of him when it comes to Yona. It is painful to see him be reminded of their rank as it creates an invisible wall between the “guard” and his “princess”. Will Yona ever see Hak’s true feelings or perhaps realize her own as well? Better check out the ongoing manga if you want to find out.

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