Title: Suzuka
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Sports
Rating: 4/10


Review: I would like to start by saying that the rating I gave this anime was not a fluke. The story line is rather simple, a guy likes girl, girl is conflicted with emotions, etc. Oh and girl is good at track. Yamato Akitsuki is the main boy of this story and finds himself living in a rather strange complex of women (sounds pretty good right?). Yamato is far from a liked character in my opinon, he is spineless, apologizes for no reason, and doesn’t bother to even try at anything for that matter. Suzuka Asahina, his next door neighbor is also a very bitter, cold, and frankly boring character. What really turned me off from this anime is how it progressed. The beginning of the anime is completely different from the middle and ending; it is as though the producers completely forgot about the “comedy” genre and went completely drama. Now, most romance comedies do tend to lean toward drama as it reaches the climax but this one took it to a whole new level. Every other scene was someone crying or yelling. I felt like I was watching a poorly done soap opera. After tolerating episode after episode, I found myself cheering for a support character. Even at the end of the series I was hoping they would make a sequel that only focused around the character Honoka Sakurai.

Final statements: The anime had a lot of potential at the beginning, and started well so I gave it credit for that. But the series did take a turn for the worst and you will probably be more frustrated with the characters than cheering them on. Avoid watching.

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