Spring 2013 Anime Preview

A whooping 44 shows this spring 2013 and I did not even included kiddie shows this time and it’s still a lot. Though I included Anime Mirai shows since some of them looked interesting.

I’m back (for now) and will be giving you guys Spring 2013 Anime Preview with the Notable Staff/Cast just like what I posted last year. I did my best to make it as complete as possible but I might have overlooked something so feel free to point it out to me and I’ll fix it ASAP. If you make it to the end I’ve posted my Top 5 picks this season. I hope you’ll find interesting shows this spring!

Now on to the Spring 2013 Anime Preview!

Data gathered are from: AniDB, ANN, MAL, Fansub Wiki, Moetron and Haruhichan

Spring 2013 Anime Chart v2

(Chart courtesy of Haruhichan)


Kara the Animation
Release Date: March 1, 2013
Animation Production: Dong Woo Animation

The five-member South Korean girl pop group Kara got their own animated adaptation.

The fictional stories will feature each of the members in a different career: Gyuri as a police officer, Seungyeon as an astronaut, Nicole as a passenger boat captain, Hara as security police for the Monaco royal family and Jiyoung as a sexy and spirited firefighter.

Chidori3souske Not really interested with this K-pop group so it’s a pass.
Hikaru Not a fan of K-pop either. Pass.
Sid  I’ll have to agree with Chidori3souske and Hikaru. Can’t see myself bothering to finish this series in the first place. Pass.
Joshua Hmm… This smells like a AKB0048 rip off. Not my cup of tea. Pass.


Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi
(Aruvu Rezuru – Mechanized Fairies)
Release Date: March 2, 2013
Animation Production: ZEXCS

Notable Staff/Cast:
Mikage, RemuFukuyama, Jun (Lamperouge, Lelouch of Code Geass)
Mikage, ShikiKitamura, Eri (Kawashima, Ami of Toradora)
Hira, SakayuiHikasa, Yoko (Akiyama, Mio of K-ON!)

Director: Tatsuya Yoshihara (episode director on Sket Dance)

Remu’s sister-in-law, Shiki, skipped grades and entered a high school in the academic city “Okinotori-island Mega Float City (OMFC)” when she was 14. One day, Shiki confessed to her brother via Skype that she was talking to him directly from the cyber space and her real body had been kept in a water tank filled with a culture medium. It’s called “Body pool” and Shiki connected to the network by nanomachines implanted in her brain.

Remu was surprised but he accepted her decision until an accident called “Early Rupture” happened. The network server got overloaded and users’ minds were lost in cyber space leaving soulless living bodies in the Body Pools. In order to bring Shiki’s mind back, Remu visits her apartment in OMFC and there meets Shiki escaped from the hospital. But the girl tells him that she is not Shiki and she happens to haven taken over Shiki’s body.

When Remu tries to figure out the situation, a violent attack strikes the apartment.

Chidori3souske This series is part of the new project call Anime Mirai program. Apparently the Japan Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) receives money from the Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs, and it distributes most of those funds to studios who will train young animators on-the-job.

Whoa the concept sure looks interesting but when I checked the number of episode it has, it says it’s only one episode so I’m assuming every project under Anime Mirai would only consist of 1 ep OVA. If so I am already disappointed since you can’t have an awesome show with this kind of potential and pack it to a 1 ep OVA, surely it’ll be a mess. It’s only 1 ep so might as well check it out but I’m not expecting much from it. Btw, we have notable seiyuus on board so yep another reason to check it out.

Hikaru The story definitely has potential. The art and character design are uniquely different but I’m not quite fond of. Will give this a try.
Sid I’ll give this anime a try. It seems like it can have a pretty interesting plot line. I do find it a bit odd that they decided to go with a widely used video chat program like Skype (or say it directly) rather than making up their own thing.
Joshua I’ll watch this. The story has enough elements to explore the role of new technologies and the cyborgization of humanity, which is fast going from a sci-fi dream to a reality. Anime has always been an important platform form futuristic dreams and discussions on the consequences of those dreams. I have high expectations for this anime.


Little Witch Academia
Release Date: March 2, 2013
Animation Production: Trigger

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director/Character Design/Animation Director: Yoh Yoshinari (Animation Director & Mechanical Design: Gurren Lagann)

Rotte – Fumiko Orikasa (Seras Victoria of Hellsing)
Diana – Hikasa, Yoko (Akiyama, Mio of K-ON!)
Akko – Megumi Han (Gon Freecss of Hunter x Hunter 2011)

Akko has been fascinated with magic from the moment she had seen her first magic show. Now, she is enrolling into Luna Nova Magic School, a famous school for magic in Europe. However, contrary to her expectations, she is finding that lessons are boring. Magic lessons are staid and conservative, and not at all exciting.

One day, an emergency occurs which threatens to destroy the school, and it is up to Akko to save the day!

Chidori3souske Another part of the Anime MIrai project. Animation reminds me a lot of Panty & Stocking and hopefully without the ecchiness. It’s only one episode so yeah I’d definitely going to pick this up.
Hikaru Looks like a kiddie mahou shoujo. Pass.
Sid This sounds scary stereotypical of a young girl saving the day with willpower and cheerfulness. However, I have been wrong before and for that I will give the anime a shot. You never know what producers and storyboard writers will come up with. I’ll give it about two episodes (maybe three) before making my decision.
Joshua The artwork looks interesting and has a retro feel to it. However the story seems a little plain and predictable. I would watch this.


Release Date: March 2, 2013
Animation Production: Gonzo

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Koichi Chigira (Director: Gate Keepers & Full Metal Panic)

Ryo is set in the year Keiō 2 (1866), a time when Japan was in turmoil over different ideologies such as those calling for the overthrow of the Tokugawa shogunate. A youth named Ryo will confront the real-life historical swordsman Hijikata Toshizō on the listing deck of the Goryōkaku government’s flagship Kaiyō.

 Chidori3souske Not really fond of either Gonzo nor the PV so this one is a pass.
Hikaru The only historical series for the season. I might give this one a few episodes try.
Sid I’m not a big fan of historical anime because they tend to be quite boring. It’s not that I have anything against anime that take place in the past, but only if they are heavy in the backstory of the era. I’ll give it a shot though because it may end up being rather interesting to learn some facts from an anime.
Joshua I’ll watch a few episodes just in case this becomes the next Kenshin…


Death Billiards
Release Date: March 2, 2013
Animation Production: MADHOUSE

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yuzuru Tachikawa (Episode Director: Steins;Gate)

Woman – Asami Seto (Ayase Chihaya of Chihayafuru)
Bartender – Tomoaki Maeno (Junnichi Tachibana of Amagami SS)
Man – Yūichi Nakamura (Villagiulio of Rinne no Lagrange)

Where is this place? I’m afraid I cannot answer that. Instead, I’ll have the two of you begin your game. This game places your lives on the line. Until it is over, you may not leave.

Chidori3souske Ooooh a billiards death game sounds interesting! It’s only one ep so I guess I’ll pick this up.
Hikaru Trapped in a game, old school style. Pass.
Sid I’ll give it a go but I’m getting tired of anime about being trapped in a game. I don’t think it’s very common but it sure seems it with all the recent releases.
Joshua I’m a big fan of dark Animes, so I’ll definitely watch this. However, the trailer isn’t very impressive. So I might drop this if the first few episodes bore me.


RDG: Red Data Girl
Release Date: March 16, 2013
Animation Production: P.A. Works
Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Notable Staff/Cast:
Sagara, MiyukiUchiyama, Kouki (Takigawa, Yoshino of Zetsuen no Tempest)
Suzuhara, IzumikoHayami, Saori (Morimi, Saki of Higashi no Eden)
Sagara, YukimasaFukuyama, Jun (Lamperouge, Lelouch of Code Geasse)

Director: Shinohara, Toshiya (Director of Kuroshitsuji)
Series Composition & Script: Yokote, Michiko (Script of Cowboy Bebop)

A modern fantasy based on Japanese Shinto legends. Suzuhara Izumiko is a 15-year-old girl, who has been raised and protected in a shrine deep in the Kumano mountains. She is quite shy and destroys all the electric devices she touches. When she begins to think about going out of the mountains and moving to the city, her guardian Sagara Yukimasa recommends her to enter a high school in Tokyo and forces his son Miyuki to serve Izumiko for life. Miyuki and Izumiko repel each other but their relationship begins to change when a terrifying accident occurs on the school excursion. Izumiko learns her fate as the last representative (yorishiro) of a Himegami goddess and Miyuki learns of his duty as a guardian Yamabushi of Izumiko.

Chidori3souske Wow interesting summary and in the hands of Shinohara, Toshiya and Series composition by Yokote, Michiko I think this one definitely have a huge potential. Another perk of watching this series is having Fuku Jun on board so yeah definitely picking up this one though I just wish there’s a normal tv airing of this series since the stream by Niconico is just an eyesore and does not give P.A. Works’s beautiful animation justice.
Hikaru Already 2 episodes in and I’m in it ’til the end. Miyuki’s antagonism towards Izumiko can be annoying but I’m sure this will all change soon enough. The opening song is already one of my favorites for the season too.
Sid I haven’t been able to watch the recently released episodes but I hope to as soon as I get stable internet access. It seems like it could be quite the trip. If Hikaru likes it I’m sure that it will be worth the wait.
Joshua Something I would watch, but I’m not putting it on the top of my list.


Girls und Panzer: Episode 11 & 12
Release Date: March 18 & 25, 2013
Animation Production: ACTAS

You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai High School practice gun-fu – really, really BIG 75mm gun-fu, in fact. It’s called Sensha-do, and it’s the martial art of operating armored tanks! They take it seriously too, and since winning the national Sensha-do championship is such a huge deal at Oarai, they sometimes go to extreme ends in order to get the best students from Panzer class to sign up. Which is how Miho Nishizumi, who HATES operating tanks, gets drafted to join doomsday-driven driver Mako, even-triggered gunner Hana, highly receptive radio operator Saori and combustible tank-fangirl and loader Yukari as the incomparable Anko Team. They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe a few of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they’re absolutely driven.

Chidori3souske I didn’t have the time to check out Girls and Panzer so this one is a pass.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid I didn’t watch the beginning I’m not going to watch the end. Pass.
Joshua Not my kind of mecha girl. Will pass this.


Date A Live
Release Date: March 30, 2013
Animation Production: AIC Plus+

Notable Staff/Cast:
Itsuka, ShidouShimazaki, Nobunaga (Kirishima, Kaito of Ano Natsu de Matteru)
Itsuka, KotoriTaketatsu, Ayana (Nakano, Azusa of K-ON!)
Yatogami, ToukaInoue, Marina (Littner, Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

Director: Motonaga, Keitarou (Director of GetBackers & Jormungand)
Series Composition: Shirane, Hideki (Series Composition of Hayate no Gotoku!! & Hidan no Aria)

Thirty years before a strange phenomena called a “spacequake” devastated the center of Eurasia, claiming the lives of at least 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on a irregular basis. Shidō Itsuka, a seemingly ordinary high schooler comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spacequake and learns from his sister Kotori she is one of the “Spirits” who are the real cause of the spacequakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the world. He also learns that Kotori is the captain of the airship Ratatoskr and recruits him to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits’ powers and stop them from being a threat to mankind. However, there is a catch: to seal a Spirit, he must make her fall in love with him.

Chidori3souske Whoa the PV have a very nice animation (and hot girls) but……it has ecchi and harem tropes which is not a very good sign. Seems like it’ll have decent action at least and an interesting summary so I’ll be picking up this one too.
Hikaru An interesting premise but fanservice + harem is a no for me.
Sid I feel that the plot will be overshadowed by fanservice and I’m probably not going to have the time to watch it anyway so I’ll pass on this one.
Joshua This reminds me of Final Fantasy. I’l definitely watch this.


Release Date: April 3, 2013
Animation Production: Manglobe
Trailer 1, Tariler 2, Trailer 3, Trailer 4

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Eiji Suganuma (Kodomo no Jikan, Mashiroiro Symphony – The color of lovers)
Script:Touko Machida (THE IDOLM@STER, Lucky Star)

NaiShimono, Hiro (Katsuragi, Keima of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)
GarekiKamiya, Hiroshi (Araragi, Koyomi of Bakemonogatari)
HiratoOno, Daisuke (Michaelis, Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji)
YogiMiyano, Mamoru (Mashima, Taichi of Chihayafuru)
TsukumoEndou, Aya (Nome, Sheryl from Macross Frontier)
KiichiKitamura, Eri (Miki, Sayaka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)

Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselves desperate in a hopeless predicament, they encounter none other than the country’s most powerful defense organization, “Circus”. The Circus is a Defense organization that works for the government. They perform raids to capture criminals and solve crimes that the Security force otherwise cannot handle. After their raids, they put on shows as an apology for scaring the citizens. Their group consists of the strongest, most capable fighters that use a special type of bracelet, known as Circus I.D., to fight.

Chidori3souske AHHHHHH!! BISHIES GALORE OMG! A very good reason to pick this up! wwwww. Another reason is the all star cast and Miyano Mamoru! Though I’m very cautious with this one since the director’s works are not very admirable. Still I’ll take the risk and pick this up.
Hikaru With that seiyuu cast and character designs, I’m sold! Definitely on my list this season.
Sid I’ll probably end up watching a good three or four episodes before making my decision. The summary seems really interesting, but with the art style I’m not sure if the plot is going to be the main focus.
Joshua Doesn’t appeal to me.


Danball Senki Wars
Release Date: April 3, 2013
Animation Production: Oriental Light and Magic

Year 2055, 4 years after the events in Danball Senki W. LBXs have become the world’s largest hobby, big enough for pro leagues to be established, and people to make their entire living off being an LBX player. 14-year-old Arata is a new transfer student at Kamui Daimon Integrated Academy on Kamui Island, near Japan. Known to be the most prestigious institution in the world for raising LBX players and mechanics, entrance to the academy requires an extremely competitive hurdle of being the champion of at least 3 official tournaments. Along with other members of his platoon, they face rivals and delve into the secrets lurking within the academy.

Chidori3souske Didn’t watch the previous Danball Senki so this one is a pass.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid Kids shows are always a pass. Don’t you know this by now?
Joshua I smell an anime made for the sake of franchising. Unless it’s pokemon, I will not be sold on it.


Release Date: April 3, 2013
Animation Production: LIDENFILMS

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director & Script: Nakamura, Ryousuke (Director of Mouryou no Hako)

Matsuno, Shuusaku
Sugita, Tomokazu (Kyon of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)
Wakatsuki, MisuzuTamura, Yukari (Takamachi, Nanoha of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
Yanase, MeiSakura, Ayane (Mikazuki, Yozora of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

The story centers around Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara—three “annoying, spirited high school girls with zero motivation”—and their classmates. Their daily life is “what happens when there is nothing happening.”

Chidori3souske Seems like one of those school slice of life and it seems boring to I’ll pass on this one.
Hikaru Is this supposed to be a female counterpart of Danshi na Kokousei no Nichijou? Pass.
Sid Well I guess this is supposed to be a slice of life comedy. I’ve watched far too many of them and by now I’m getting a little tired of it. Pass.
Joshua I’ll watch this! Cute school girls with zero motivation are like the one species of girls I could not find while growing up. (Damn you competitive educational system)


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge
Release Date: April 3, 2013
Animation Production: Studio Gokumi

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yamaguchi, Yuuji (Fate/stay night)
Script: Urahata, Tatsuhiko (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Byouinzaka YamaneFukuhara, Kaori (Hiiragi, Tsukasa from Lucky☆Star)
Byouinzaka HoukoUchiyama, Yumi (Tennouji, Nagisa from A-Channel)
Naruto KotarouShimazaki, Nobunaga (Kirishima, Kaito from Ano Natsu de Matteru)

Haimura Kiri is a seemingly ordinary boy with one slight problem: he is obsessed with cutting other people’s hair. One day he meets Mushiyanokouji Iwai, the “Hair Queen” who cannot cut her hair because of an inherited curse. Kiri finds out that his scissor, “Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge” is the only thing that can cut them. But little did he know that their meeting sparked the start of an old murder game to kill the “Hair Queen” using the cursed killing tools, the “Killing Goods.” Can Kiri protect Iwai from the Killing Goods Owners? Let the game begin!

Chidori3souske Whoa now a murder game it looks interesting and when I watched the PV whoa there’s gore and moe and my reaction of: WTF?!. I hope it’ll be a fun watch. I’ll definitely going to check this out!
Hikaru Last season, we’ve seen someone with a hair fetish. And now cutting hair too? Too peculiar premise. Pass.
Sid I watched an anime about a guy who falls in love with a girl after tasting her drool and loved it. I can’t say that this is the weirdest thing I’ve heard of so I’ll give it a go.
Joshua This has weird written all over it. I have to watch it.


Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%
Release Date: April 3, 2013
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Kou, Yuu (Giant Killing)

Aijima, CecilToriumi, Kousuke (Saito, Hajime of Hakuouki)
Hijirikawa, MasatoSuzumura, Kenichi (Asuka, Shinn of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny)
Ichinose, TokiyaMiyano, Mamoru (Mashima, Taichi of Chihayafuru)

Second season of Uta no Prince-sama

With dreams of becoming a composer and someday writing a song for her favorite idol, Haruka enters the Saotome Academy, a prestigious performing arts school. If successful there, she’ll be able to join the Shining Agency after graduation. However, it won’t be so easy when Haruka is already surrounded by potential idols and composers. On top of that, her homeroom teacher is a current idol, the headmaster was a record-breaking singer, and the academy itself is a chaotic place where anything can happen. Which prince of song will be paired up with Haruka?! Uta no Prince Sama is an exciting, coming-of-age romantic comedy that will be like sweet music to your eyes and ears!

Chidori3souske I didn’t even finished the first season so yep I’ll pass on this one.
Hikaru Loved the songs and the bishies from the first season so this one is on my list. I’ll never get used to Haruka’s disturbing eye color though.
Sid This is still going eh? Pass.
Joshua Nope.


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Animation Production: Brains Base
Trailer (Light Novel)

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yoshimura, Ai (Episode director of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
Series Composition: Suga, Shoutarou (Rinne no Lagrange)
Hikigaya, HachimanEguchi, Takuya (Kujou, Kazuya of Gosick)
Yuigahama, YuiTouyama, Nao (Yune of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée)
Yukinoshita, YukinoHayami, Saori (Tsurumi, Chiriko of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
Hikigaya, KomachiYuuki, Aoi (Kaname, Madoka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Kawasaki, SakiKoshimizu, Ami (Stadtfeld, Kallen of Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)
Miura, YumikoInoue, Marina (Littner, Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
Yukinoshita, HarunoNakahara, Mai (Furukawa, Nagisa of Clannad)

This romantic comedy revolves around an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend. When he see his classmates talking excitedly about living their adolescent lives, he mutters, They’re a bunch of liars. When he is asked about his future dreams, he responds, Not working. A teacher gets Hachiman to join the volunteer service club, which happens to have the school’s prettiest girl, Yukinoshita Yukino.


Chidori3souske A Rom-Com anime would always be welcome but I can’t shake off this feeling of déjà vu. One of those series where the main guy is not motivated at all, I think I’ve seen that somewhere before. Anyway the Director is the one who is behind the best Rom-Com in the industry (Toradora, AnoHana and Ano Natsu) and with the quirkiness from the series composition of Suga, Shoutarou who is behind Rinne no Lagrange I think this will be a fun ride so yep definitely going to watch this one.
Hikaru Are harem and chuunibyou really the trend these days? Pass.
Sid I can’t say that the plot is that riveting because what romance comedy doesn’t have the biggest loser partnering up with the pretties girl in school? I’m probably going to end up hating the main character and dropping it but I’ll give it a go. Maybe he’ll at least be a little funny instead of a whining emo who can’t handle his raging hormones.
Joshua The lead character sounds like me. I have to watch it to see if the whole antisocial thing is portrayed right.


Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince
Release Date: March 4, 2013
Animation Production: Dogakobo

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Motonaga, Keitarou (Jormungand)
Script & Series Composition: Yoshida, Reiko (Script of Girls und Panzer)

Asagi, ToshikazuAsanuma, Shintaro (Mayuzumi, Takumu of Accel World)
Irie, TamakiIguchi, Yuka (Librorum Prohibitorum, Index of Toaru Majutsu no Index)
Kugimiya, KeiHikasa, Yoko (Akiyama, Mio of K-On!)
TheoriaItou, Shizuka (Katsura, Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku!)

The story follows humanity after it expanded its frontier into space in a quest for resources. Advances in genetic engineering research allow humans to adapt to the new frontier, leading to the advent of evolved humans such as the protagonist Izuru. Izuru enrolls in an academy city called Gurantseere to fulfill his mission of protecting humanity.

Chidori3souske Oh yeah a mecha anime! Watching the PV…..it feels like Kira and Athrun would pop out somewhere since the character design was done by Hirai, Hisashi who is also responsible for the character design of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and even the summary looks very similar to the genetically advance ‘Coordinator’ of Seed. The 1st PV looks exciting with all the action but all the 2nd one looks hilarious damn I’m hooked already. Definitely going to watch this one.
Hikaru Bishies in mecha are a sure win for me. Will give this a few episodes try.
Sid It has mecha and I am always a fan of them. There have been some pretty good ones lately too so I’ll give it a go.
Joshua Hmm… It sounds too happy, with the whole protecting humanity thing. My soul is too dark for this. I will give it a pass.


Hataraku Maou-sama!
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Animation Production: White Fox

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Hosoda, Naoto (Mirai Nikki (TV))
Series Composition: Yokotani, Masahiro (Maria†Holic)

Maou, SadaoOhsaka, Ryota (Kidou, Eita of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru)
Yusa, EmiHikasa, Yoko (Seraphim of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?)
Ashiya, ShirouOno, Yuuki (Kagami, Taiga of Kuroko no Basket)

The story centers around a demon king named Satan who is one step away from conquering his alternate world when he is transported to Tokyo of our world. He ends up having to work part-time at a fast food restaurant to make ends meet. In order to conquer Japan, he has to first move up from a freelancer to an actual employee. Meanwhile, the heroine Emilia has arrived in Japan also, in pursuit of Satan.

Chidori3souske Man another Demon King anime but what’s different is that the Demon King after being transported her on Earth has to work at a fast food chain to earn money. The with Hosoda, Naoto as the director I think it’ll be in good hands. The 5 min PV really have hooked with it’s beautiful animation and the action at the end so I think I’ll check this one out.
Hikaru It’s not everyday we see a Demong King living a normal life in our world right? The fantasy and comic mix sure got me hooked. I’ll be watching this.
Sid This seems like it could be a solid comedy. I’ll definitely be watching this.
Joshua Too pretty to not watch.


Photo Kano
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Animation Production: MADHOUSE

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yokoyama, Akitoshi (Key Animation of Summer Wars)

Maeda, KazuyaShimazaki, Nobunaga (Kirishima, Kaito of Ano Natsu de Matteru)
Masaki, NonokaSaito, Chiwa (Akemi, Homura of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Misumi, TomoeSawashiro, Miyuki (Kanbaru, Suruga of Bakemonogatari)
Muroto, AkiNakahara, Mai (Ryuuguu, Rena of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)
Niimi, HarukaItou, Kanae (Kashiwazaki, Sena of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

The story revolves around the male protagonist who just got a DSLR camera from his dad and start to develop photography as his new hobby.

Plot is very vague and there’s no PV so I’ll pass on this one.
Hikaru Not a very strong plot to go with. A pass for now.
Sid That many girls and a guy who is picking up photography? I think I can see where this is going… I actually like MADHOUSE (for their art usually) but I don’t think this one will be that great. I’ll give it an episode or two at the most.
Joshua This is going in my reserve list, when I need random animes with lots of fan service. Yes. I like fan service. Don’t judge me.


Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
Release Date: April 4, 2013
Animation Production: Bridge
Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Kishi, Seiji (Angel Beats!)
Series Composition: Uezu, Makoto (Katanagatari)
Theme song Composition: kz

Kuze, HibikiKamiya, Hiroshi (Araragi, Koyomi of Bakemonogatari)
Nitta, IoUchida, Aya  (Shinomiya, Himawari of Vividred Operation)
Shijima, DaichiOkamoto, Nobuhiko (Okumura, Rin of Ao no Exorcist)

Mysterious invaders called the Septentriones arrive in Japan and begin attacking the country on a Sunday. To fight back, the heroes in Devil Survivor 2 signed a pact with the devil to become the Thirteen Devil Messengers. The Septentriones show up at least once a day and you have a time limit of seven days to defeat them.

Chidori3souske A really interesting plot based from the ATLUS (Persona) game of the same title. There’s a manga version of this one and I skimmed through it and boy was that interesting. The 2 main protagonist have seen their death when they registered to this mysterious site and they were supposed to be dead but they were given a choice if they want to live or not. Of course they chose to live but that in turn they have to form a contract to a devil and battle those mysterious invader. I’ve spoiled myself but still I think the twist and turns of the story would be really interesting so yep I’m REALLY looking forward to this one!
Hikaru Supernatural battles and mystery make an intriguing plotline. Bring it on!
Sid I’m actually picking this one up more for the staff than the actual plot. It seems to have a pretty strong foundation with Seiji Kishi and Makoto Uezu behind the wheel. I’ll count this in my watched list.
Joshua Didn’t catch the first one. Not able to start.


Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride
Release Date: April 5, 2013
Animation Production: ARMS

Notable Staff/Cast:
Sanada, YukimuraKugimiya, Rie (Aisaka, Taiga of Toradora!)
Tokugawa, SenKotobuki, Minako (Kotobuki, Tsumugi of K-On!)
Yagyuu, JuubeiYuuki, Aoi(Kaname, Madoka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
D’Artagnan, CharlesKoshimizu, Ami (Stadtfeld, Kallen of Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)
Gotou, MatabeiKobayashi, Yuu (Shidou, Mariya of Maria†Holic)

Second season of Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls.

The story takes place in Japan in the early 21st century, in an alternate reality where the Tokugawa Shogunate has remained in power. In this reality, student councils are tasked with oppressing schools. Yagyuu Muneakira is a high school student who rebels against his student council with the help of girls who’ve had the names of famous samurai heroes passed on to them.

Chidori3souske Honestly, I like the first season despite the ecchiness  mainly because of the unique animation and the way they censored the oppai and other ecchi stuff but story wise it’s forgettable. To be honest there are a LOT of series this season that are more worthy of my time so I’ll only pick this up if I’m bored or don’t have anything to watch so this time it’s a pass.
Hikaru Didn’t see the first season. Pass.
Sid Yes, yes and yes. I’ll be watching the end of the first season again because I don’t remember it that well since it has been so long, but I remember it being awesome. I’m definitely picking this one up till the end.
Joshua I’ll only watch this if I have time to finish up the first season. Not likely to happen, So I’ll probably end up passing this one.


Aku no Hana
Release Date: April 5, 2013
Animation Production: ZEXCS

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Nagahama, Hiroshi (Story board of Fruits Basket)

Nakamura, SawaIse, Mariya (Zoldyck, Killua of Hunter x Hunter (2011))
Saeki, Nanako –  Hikasa, Yoko (Akiyama, Mio of K-On!)

The corrupt pure-love story revolves around Kasuga Takao, a bookish boy who loves the poems of Charles Baudelaire (the original author of the poetry collection Les Fleurs du mal or Flowers of Evil). One day after school, he discovers and steals the gym clothes of Saeki Nanako, the girl he has a crush on. However, he learns that Nakamura Sawa, a girl he loathes, happens to catch him in the act. Nakamura blackmails Kasuga into a contract, or else she will reveal his secret.

Chidori3souske Seems like this will really be about a dark and twisted love story just like what the people in youtube commented and boy I am so in! I want to know why they reacted like that. I’ll be adding this one to my watching list and while waiting might as well check out the manga and spoil myself…or not wwwwww.
Hikaru Blackmailing as the start of a romance story isn’t really novel. A pass for now.
Sid I’ve watched stranger plots and this one seems like it can be different. I want to give a go because I’m into the whole non-stereotypical romance anime.
Joshua I like the visuals of it. I’ll watch it.


Danchi Tomoo (TV)
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Watanabe, Ayumu (Nazo no Kanojo X)
Script: Tsuchiya, Michihiro (Cross Game)

It’s a heartwarming and sometimes nonsense comedy about an elementary school boy Tomoo Kinoshita.

Chidori3souske Not really interested so this one is a pass.
Hikaru Kiddie show. Pass.
Sid Pass.
Joshua Pass. (But because its directed by Watanabe Ayumu, I might actually watch a few)


Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Hiroyuki Kanbe (Key Animation of Neon Genesis Evangelion )
Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata ((The) World God Only Knows (TV))

Gokou, RuriHanazawa, Kana (Tsunemori, Akane of Psycho-Pass)
Kousaka, KyousukeNakamura, Yuuichi (Saotome, Alto of Macross Frontier)
Kousaka, KirinoTaketatsu, Ayan (Nakano, Azusa of K-On!)

Second season of OreImo.

Kyousuke Kousaka, a normal seventeen-year-old high school student, hasn’t gotten along with his younger sister, Kirino, in years. For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Kyousuke and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever.

One day, however, Kyousuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime entitled Hoshikuzu Witch Merle (Stardust Witch Merle), which had fallen into the entranceway of his house. To Kyousuke’s surprise, inside the case is a hidden adult video game titled Imouto to Koishiyo! (Love with Little Sister!). Kyousuke attempts to fish out the culprit who dropped the case by bringing up the topic of magical girl anime at the family dinner table. All that comes out is a strong negative reaction from his parents, especially his anti-otaku policeman father.

That night, Kirino bursts into Kyousuke’s room and, in perhaps the first conversation she has initiated with him in years, says they “have things to talk about.” Kirino brings Kyousuke to her room and shows him an extensive collection of moe anime and lolicon bishoujo games she has been collecting in secret.

Chidori3souske The show most well known for promoting incest and pedophilia is now back wwwwwwww. Anyway it does have its hints of those stuff but don’t worry it’s very discreet. I loved the first season so yep I’m definitely going to watch this one and here’s to hoping it’ll have a Kuroneko end.
Hikaru Never planned on seeing the first season so this one’s a pass.
Sid I’m kind of on the fence for this one. I know I shouldn’t but I know I probably will. I didn’t actually like the first season all that much, but who knows maybe something will change. Maybe I just remember the bad moments of the first season when there were actually a lot of good moments.
Joshua I’m hooked on the manga series for this. I have to watch it. RELEASE IT NOW HIROYUKI KANBE!


Tanken Driland: 1000-nen no Mahou
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Toei Animation

New series of Tanken Driland with brand new casts.

Chidori3souske Didn’t watch the first season so it’s a pass.
Hikaru Another kiddie show. Pass.
Sid Pass.
Joshua Pass


Zettai Bouei Leviathan
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: GONZO

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yatagai, Kenichi (Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan)
Series Composition: Ide, Yasunori (Director of Onegai Teacher)

BahamutKitamura, Eri (Miki, Sayaka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
JormungandrTaketatsu, Ayana (Nakano, Azusa of K-On!)
LeviathanHayami, Saori (Tsurumi, Chiriko of  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
SyrupHanazawa, Kana (Tsunemori, Akane of Psycho-Pass)

The story is set in Aquafall, a fantasy world abound with water and greenery, and populated by dragons and fairies. Meteorites suddenly bring forth evil creatures that threaten all living things on the planet. The fairy Syrup assembles the Aquafall Defense Force, with three girls of the dragon clans as recruits. The story follows Syrup and the dragon girls Leviathan, Bahamut, and Jörmungandr as they work together to battle enemies and grow up.

Chidori3souske GONZO have really left a bad taste in my mouth and with all the series they’ve made and add that half assed staff lineup and very mediocre sounding summary and PV, this one is a pass.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid I’ll give it a couple episodes because it could be a lot more exciting than I expect. I don’t have high hopes for it though. The trailer wasn’t bad though.
Joshua Pass


Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Production I. G.

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Mizushima, Tsutomu (Another)

AzazelOnosaka, Masaya (Dian, Isaac of Baccano!)
BeelzebubKamiya, Hiroshi (Otonashi, Yuzuru of Angel Beats!)
AkutabeNamikawa, Daisuke (Okajima, Rokuro of Black Lagoon)
Sakuma, RinkoSatou, Rina (Springfield, Negi of Mahou Sensei Negima!)

The second season of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san.

Akutabe is a detective who summons devils to solve the troubles of his clients. One day, a low class devil Azazel Atsushi is summoned by Akutabe and is used harshly by him and his assistant Rinko. (Season 1)

Chidori3souske I totally enjoyed the first part of the 1st season mainly to its dark humour and slap stick comedy but the 2nd half just ruins everything since it’s not really hilarious anymore. This is a 5min anime short but a LOT of shows this season are a more worthy of my attention so this one is a pass.
Hikaru So many sequels this season, even of kid shows at that. Pass.
Sid I don’t know how I haven’t watched the first season after being told how great it was. Sadly that means I can’t watch this season either. Pass.
Joshua Pass


Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyoujin)
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Wit Studio

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Tetsurou, Araki (Death Note)

Arelet, ArminInoue, Marina (Mikazuki, Yozora of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
Yaeger, ErenKaji, Yuki (Arita, Haruyuki of Accel World)
HannethFujiwara, Keiji (Paladiknight, Leorio of Hunter x Hunter (2011))
YmirFujita, Saki (Inami, Mahiru of Working!!)

Several hundred years ago, humans were nearly exterminated by giants. Giants are typically several stories tall, seem to have no intelligence, devour human beings and, worst of all, seem to do it for the pleasure rather than as a food source. A small percentage of humanity survived by walling themselves in a city protected by extremely high walls, even taller than the biggest of giants.
Flash forward to the present and the city has not seen a giant in over 100 years. Teenage boy Elen and his foster sister Mikasa witness something horrific as the city walls are destroyed by a super giant that appears out of thin air. As the smaller giants flood the city, the two kids watch in horror as their mother is eaten alive. Elen vows that he will murder every single giant and take revenge for all of mankind.

Chidori3souske Not only does this look epic, it also sounded epic and that movie like animation I am at AWE…and it got me all excited specially with that summary. This will be on my top picks this season. This will be a guaranteed watch for me.
Hikaru Promising premise but a pass for now.
Sid A dark anime that I’ve been waiting for. I’m not sure how in-depth they are willing to take the story, but I’m excited to check it out.
Joshua This is awesome. I will watch it.


Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Tatsunoko

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yoshihara, Tatsuya (Episode director of SKET Dance)
Series composition: Fudeyasu, Kazuyuki (Ben-To)

Muromi-sanTamura, Yukari (Yamano, Remon of Ano Natsu de Matteru)
Mukoujima, TakurouMizushima, Takahiro (Yaegashi, Taichi of Kokoro Connect)
Hii-chanNonaka, Ai (Sakura, Kyouko of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Rivaia-sanNakahara, Mai (Furukawa, Nagisa of Clannad)

Mukoujima Takurou is a lonely teenager who spends his time fishing at the pier and, to his incredible surprise, fishes up Muromi, a mermaid. Muromi first off doesn’t realize she’s a mermaid until she meets Takurou. Not only that, she is incredibly dense and crazy and has a drinking problem to top it off. Now every time Takurou goes fishing, Muromi appears and makes life interesting for him.

Chidori3souske No PV and a not so interesting Summary. It’s a pass
Hikaru Pass.
Sid Pass as well.
Joshua Mermaids! … (reserve list)


Haitai Nanafa S2
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Animation Production: Passione

Continuation of the first season.

Nanafa Kyan lives in Okinawa with her grandmother who runs the “Kame Soba” soba shop, her beautiful older sister Nao who is in high school, and her younger sister Kokona, who is in elementary school and has a strong ability to sense the supernatural.

One day, Nanafa witnesses a seal fall off of a Chinese banyan tree, and three spirits who live in that tree are unleashed. These spirits include Niina and Raana, who are “jimunaa” spirits. The third spirit is Iina, who is an incarnation of an Okinawan lion statue. As spirits start appearing one after another, the peaceful life of Nanafa and her family begins to change.

Chidori3souske Didn’t watch the first season so it’s a pass.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid Pass, didn’t watch the first season and probably never will.
Joshua Didn’t catch the first season either.


Glass no Kamen Desu ga
Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: DLE

The anime will re-imagine the story with the characters Maya Kitajima and her rival Ayumi Himekawa being delinquent girls who both aspire to be the leader of the “Crimson Goddess” gang.

Chidori3souske What is this? Pass.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid Eh… pass.
Joshua OK. DLE Animation has lots of money to burn. Noted and not watching this.


Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W
Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: Xebec

Notable Staff/Cast:
Series Composition: Kimura, Noboru (Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?)

NyarukoAsumi, Kana (Yuno of Hidamari Sketch)
HastaKugimiya, Rie (Shana of Shakugan no Shana)
Yasaka, MahiroKitamura, Eri (Miki, Sayaka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)

Second season of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san.

“I’m Nyarlathotep, the creeping chaos always smiling beside you.” But you can call her Nyaruko for short. One by one, the Great Ones from the Cthulhu mythos are coming to earth to target Nyaruko and her human friend Mahiro. He’s utterly clueless about the true nature of his cosmic conflict and just wants to live in peace.

Chidori3souske Wasn’t able to watch the first season so this one is a pass. Hey guys is the first season very enjoyable since it I might consider picking it up.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid I watched the first season and thought it was decent. Hopefully the second season makes up for the first’s past mistakes.
Joshua Didn’t catch the first season.


Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: XEBEC, AIC

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Izubuchi, Yutaka (Mechanical Design of Mobile Police Patlabor)
Storyboard: Anno, Hideaki (Director of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone – 3.0)

Desler, AberdtYamadera, Kouichi (Spiegel, Spike of Cowboy Bebop)
Kodai, SusumuOno, Daisuke (Michaelis, Sebastian of Kuroshitsuji)
Mori, YukiKuwashima, Houko (Sakagami, Tomoyo of Clannad)

The basic story of Yamato 2199 is the same as the first Yamato anime set in 2199, but Yutaka Izubuchi, who worked on mechanical designs and science-fiction concepts on some of the earlier projects in the franchise, is serving as chief director.

In the distant future, the war between the human race and the Gamilon has taken its toll on the planet Earth. Constant bombardment of radioactive asteroids has rendered the planet’s atmosphere uninhabitable. As a means of relief aid, Queen Starsha of the planet Iscandar offers the Earth Forces a device that can completely neutalize the radiation off the planet. For this task, the space battleship Yamato is launched from the remains of its World War II ancestor on a 148,000 light-year journey. However, the crew of the Yamato has only one Earth year to travel to Iscandar and back, or the human race will come to an end.

Chidori3souske Character designs looks and ost sounded old school but the space battle looks good. Holy crap its Anno, Hideaki the guy responsible for the Evangelion movie so yep lots of potential. I’ll be picking up this one too since I’m such a sucker for space anime.
Hikaru Pass.
Sid I think I’ll actually give this one a shot, it might be pretty interesting.
Joshua Pass


Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: Assez Finaud Fabric/feel

Notable Staff/Cast:
Type OIshida, Akira (Akise, Aru of Mirai Nikki (TV))
Type AFukuyama, Jun  (Lamperouge, Lelouch of Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)

Anime about anthropomorphized blood types.

Chidori3souske Pass..but Fuku Jun voicing my blood type sure sounds interesting wwwwwww.
Hikaru Blood types? Really now. Pass.
Sid Education hurts! Learning things is hard! Pass.
Joshua Grumpy cat says no.


Dibetagurashi: Ahiru no Seikatsu
Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: Cibetagurashi Production Committee

The story follows the daily life of a group of birds, including a duck, an old nihilistic great grey owl, and a gluttonous Caique parrot.

Chidori3souske Pass.
Hikaru Needless to say, definite pass.
Sid P-A-S-S
Joshua The panda says no.


Suisei no Gargantia
Release Date: April 7, 2013
Animation Production: Production I. G.
Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director:Murata, Kazuya (Assistant director of Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)
Series Composition: Urobuchi, Gen (Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Psycho-Pass)

AmyKanemoto, Hisako (Kotoura, Haruka of Kotoura-san)
SayaKayano, Ai (Honma, Meiko of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
MeltyAsumi, Kana (Kitahara, Mio of Ano Natsu de Matteru)
BellowsItou, Shizuka (Katsura, Hinagiku of Hayate no Gotoku!)

While fighting an intense inter-galactic war, a mecha pilot was accidentally warped into a space-time neither he nor the computer of his mecha could recognize. After waking up from a long-time hibernation, he found himself trapped on a planet, with human residents talking in an unknown form of language, using inferior technologies, and — most shocking to him — naturally breathable air.

Chidori3souske Holy freaking WHOA…the asst. director of Code Geass and Butch Gen in one show. Oh and another mecha anime that makes it 2 so far and that pretty animation. Okay, okay fine I’ll watch you and see how Butch Gen would f*ck my mind again will he murder the characters here? I dunno with that very bright and happy PV I wonder if it’ll really go dark. I want to find out!
Hikaru With Gen Urobochi in the staff, this is another Production IG title I wouldn’t miss.
Sid I think I’ll be watching this one till the end. It seems like it could be a good mix of comedy and action (possibly some romance?). I think it would be pretty neat to see what it would be like if someone with vastly superior technology reacted to a more primitive era of humanity.
Joshua They actually bothered to think about language and stuff. So I’ll watch this. It looks good. 🙂


Chibi☆Devi! New Series
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Animation Production: Synergy

Related to the Chibi Devi! series.

Sawada Honoka is a 14-year-old girl who is very timid. She easily gets bullied by other classmates. Honoka is a non-believer in God, Angels, and Devils. Though one day, a devil baby was dropped into her room while she was sleeping. What will Honoka believe in now?

Chidori3souske Pass
Hikaru Pass.
Sid To quote Hikaru, “Pass.”


Arata Kangatari
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Animation Production: Satelight, JM Animation

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Yasuda, Kenji (Episode director of Fullmetal Alchemist)
Original Creator: Watase, Yuu (Fushigi Yuugi)

Kotoha –  Takagaki, Ayahi (Hamaji of Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun)
KannagiOno, Yuuki (Kagami, Taiga of Kuroko no Basket)
HarunawaIshida, Akira (Chrno of Chrno Crusade)

Every 30 years, a new princess is chosen from the Hime family to serve the Hayagami. The time has come again, but over these past years, records state not a single female has been born, save for one, the 15 year old Arata. The only problem is, Arata is actually a male! Forced to disguise himself and take the place of the princess candidate until a formal one can be found, he attends the festival only to witness the current princess, Kokuri-hime, murdered, and his own life is forfeit as well, by the hands of the princess’ personal guard, the 12 Shinshou. As he runs for his life, Kannagi of the 12 convinces everyone that Arata is the one who has murdered the princess instead, and now everyone in the Imperial Court is after his head!

Chidori3souske Omg..Watase Yuu-sensei’s new work OMG3x (I am a fan of her works). Seems like another solid fantasy series with lots of potential and from the poster and summary it looks like it’ll involve palace politics and I just love those kind of settings so I guess I’ll pick this one.
Hikaru I’ve been a fan of Yuu Watase’s works so this one’s on my list.
Sid I don’t think I’ll have the time to watch this series so pass for me.
Joshua Does not look cute enough for me.


Release Date: April 8, 2013
Animation Production: Seven Arcs Pictures

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Hamana, Takayuki (Prince of Tennis)

HibachiOokubo, Rumi (Miniwa, Tsumiki of Acchi Kocchi)
Matsunohara, KotoriMiyano, Mamoru (Yagami, Light of Death Note)

The action story is set in Edo-era Tokyo in the early 1700s. The eighth shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune ordered boxes to be installed so commoners can submit their thoughts. After hearing their voices, the shogun creates a new magistrate unit—Mushibugyou—to protect the people in the heart of the city. Each member is a specialist with unique fighting skills.

Chidori3souske Looks action packed but with that vague summary I’m not too sure if I’ll pick this up though I like the setting of samurai or warrior guys battling bad guys in an ancient Japan setting. It’s been a while since I’ve watched series like that.
Hikaru The theme song,whether it be opening or ending, was seriously painful to hear. The trailer showed a forced marriage of history, fantasy, drama, and comedy. Pass.
Sid I don’t think I’ll have the time to watch but I’ll give it an episode or two.
Joshua Not cute enough.


Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties
Release Date: April 8, 2013
Animation Production: Manglobe

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Ueda, Youichi (Asobi ni Iku yo!)
Series Composition: Oshika, Rie (Minami-ke Okaeri)

MariaTanaka, Rie (Chii from Chobits)
Katsura, HinagikuItou, Shizuka (Morishima, Haruka of Amagami SS)
Sanzenin, NagiKugimiya, Rie (Shana of Shakugan no Shana)

Fourth season of Hayate no Gotoku!

An unfortunate high school student, Ayasaki Hayate spends his days working at part-time jobs to support his extravagant parents. After incurring a debt of 150 million yen, they disappear, and Hayate was left holding the bag. Whilst running away from the debt collectors, he tries to kidnap a girl for ransom (however, the girl misunderstands his intentions and thinks he is confessing his love to her). Almost immediately, he botches the kidnap attempt but then manages to save her from other kidnappers, causing her to fall in love with him. The girl, Sanzenin Nagi, is actually the daughter of a millionaire family. In recognition of his services, she hires Hayate as a resident butler and even pays off the debt collectors.

This is how Hayate becomes a combat butler. In order to serve and protect his mistress, Hayate’s life-or-death butler life begins.

Chidori3souske Didn’t watch the Hayate no Gotoku series so it’s a pass.
Hikaru If this follows the manga storyline, then I am in. A-tan finally makes her appearance and is the signal of a new plot.
Sid I stopped half way through the second season so pass.
Joshua Never really liked Hayate so no.


Sparrow’s Hotel
Release Date: April 9, 2013
Animation Production: HOTLINE

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Nakamura, Tetsuharu (Digimon Tamers: Bousou Digimon Tokkyuu)

MisonoKishio, Daisuke (Kuran, Kaname of Vampire Knight)
Satou, SayuriChihara, Minori (Nagato, Yuki of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu)

The comedy revolves around Satou Sayuri, the new front desk worker at the Sparrow’s Hotel — the closest hotel to Heaven. Her special features are her large breasts and her skills of assassination. She takes down people who cause trouble in the business hotel with those skills, but she is in fact very unskilled when talking to the male hotel manager, and often bites her tongue.

Errrrr pass.
Hikaru Screams of fanservice. Pass.
Sid Is large breasts really a special feature? Does that count? Can you put that side-by-side with assassination? Pass.
Joshua Reserve list. I am weak against Oppai powers. Don’t judge me.


Release Date: April 9, 2013
Animation Production: Kinema Citrus

Notable Staff/Cast:
Series Composition: Takahashi, Natsuko (Script of Bleach)

Hinata, YukariTaneda, Risa (Watanabe, Saki of Shinsekai yori)
Aikawa, ChihoKayano, Ai (Honma, Meiko of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)
Matsumoto, YorikoHorie, Yui (Hanekawa, Tsubasa of Bakemonogatari)

The manga follows the school life of three girls in the data processing club—Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui.

Chidori3souske Summary and trailer doesn’t look interesting at all so this one is a pass.
Hikaru Uninteresting slice of life. Pass.
Sid I have to pass on this one too. I need a break from slice of life comedies.
Joshua High on Reserve list.


Valvrave the Liberator
Release Date: April 11, 2013
Animation Production: Sunrise
Trailer 1, Trailer 2, Trailer 3, Trailer 4

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Kou Matsuo (Kurenai, Natsuyuki Rendezvous,Rozen Maiden)
Series Composition: Ichiro Okouchi (Code Geass, Negima!,Guilty Crown)
Original Character Design: Katsura Hoshino(D.Gray-man)
Theme Song Performance: Mizuki, Nana, T.M.Revolution, angela, Elisa

L-elfKimura, Ryouhei (Hasegawa, Kodaka of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
Tokishima, HarutoOhsaka, Ryota (Sanada, Yuki of Tsuritama)
AkiraYuuki, Aoi (Kaname, Madoka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica)
Nanami, RionHorie, Yui (Hanekawa, Tsubasa of Bakemonogatari)
Ninomiya, TakahiKotobuki, Minako (Tokugawa, Sen of Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls)
Renbokouji, SatomiNamikawa, Daisuke (Okajima, Rokuro of Black Lagoon)
Rukino, SakiTomatsu, Haruka (Anjou, Naruko of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai.)

The story is set in an era when 70% of the human race lives in space due to the development of space cities. Between two major powers — the Dorushia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Ring United States (ARUS) — there is a small neutral nation called Jiōru that has prospered economically. The protagonist Haruto, a high school student who lives in Jiōru, encounters the mysterious “forbidden” humanoid weapon Valvrave when the Dorushia army invades.

Chidori3souske This one looked badass in Sunrise’s hands and with Kou Matsuo as the director and the series composition of Ichiro Okouchi of Code Geass fame, as long as he won’t ruin it like Guilty Crown I am completely sold. Sunrise really went all out in this with Mizuki Nana and T.M Revolution oh gosh this felt like I’m watching Seed or Code Geass again. Definitely going to watch this one.
Hikaru Another bishounen and mecha mix. I’ll be watching this.
Sid I think “The Liberator” is a pretty powerful title. Let’s see if he lives up to it.
Joshua The liberator reminds me of something Borat would call himself. Probably not watching this.


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Release Date: April 12, 2013
Animation Production: J.C. Staff

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Nagai, Tatsuyuki (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. & Ano Natsu de Matteru)
Series Composition: Minakami, Seishi (Kamisama no Memochou)

Misaka, MikotoSatou, Rina (Tanamachi, Kaoru of Amagami SS)
Saten, RuikoItou, Kanae (Kashiwazaki, Sena of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
Shirai, KurokoArai, Satomi (Kanda, Akiko of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)
Uiharu, Kazari  – Toyosaki, Aki (Hirasawa, Yui of K-On!)

The second season will focus on The Sisters Arc. Lasting only a single volume in the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novels, it was later expanded greatly in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga.

The arc focuses on the ordeals of Mikoto Misaka after discovering the existence of the Radio Noise sisters that are being used in the Level 6 Shift, an experiment where they are killed in order for the highest-ranking Level 5, Accelerator, can achieve Level 6.

Chidori3souske I’m fairly happy with the ending of the first season of Railgun but I don’t know if it still needs a second season. With all the good shows this season I wonder if I’ll pick this up. Not sure yet.
Hikaru I’ve seen the first and second season of Index but not yet Railgun. A pass for now.
Sid I’m watching it; I’ve been dying to see how this arc ended. I’m glad it is finally being released, feels like it has been forever.
Joshua didn’t catch the earlier seasons.


Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.
Release Date: April 13, 2013
Animation Production: J.C. Staff

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Suzuki, Youhei (Episode Director of Toradora!)
Series Composition: Itou, Michiko (Screenplay of Mouretsu Pirates)

Azuki, AzusaIshihara, Kaori (Kyouno, Madoka of Rinne no Lagrange)
Tsutsukakushi, TsukikoOgura, Yui (Hakamada, Hinata of Ro-Kyu-Bu!)
Tsutsukakushi, TsukushiTamura, Yukari (Yamano, Remon of Ano Natsu de Matteru)

Youto Yokodera is always thinking about his carnal desires, but no one acknowledges him as a pervert. He learns about a cat statue that supposedly grants wishes. The boy goes to pray that he will be able to express his lustful thoughts whenever and wherever he wants. At the statue, Youto encounters Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, a girl from his high school with her own wish—that she would not display her real intentions so readily.

Chidori3souske Another Rom-Com but another guy who is lustful, now where have I seen that before? The summary nor the PV does not look interesting at all and even the staff are not very impressive but the girls sure are an eye candy. Sorry, but it’s a pass.
Hikaru Can’t help but shy away from a title that potentially has fanservice. Pass.
Sid I’m not entirely sure how this will turn out and I don’t intend to. Pass.
Joshua I read the manga and I need to see this in anime.


Koitabi ~True Tours Nanto
Release Date: April 28, 2013
Animation Production: P.A. Works

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Nishimura, Junji (True Tears)
Script: Okada, Mari (Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. Movie & Toradora!)

Aizawa, ChiakiNazuka, Kaori (Yuasa, Hiromi of True Tears)
Ishikura, NatsukoIguchi, Yuka (Araragi, Tsukihi of Bakemonogatari)

The short tells three love stories set in Nanto.

Chidori3souske Interesting, Okada Mari-san is behind the script and she’s good with romance and the PV just made my heart go doki doki so I guess I’ll pick this up too.
Hikaru Not too fond of shorts. Pass.
Sid I always tend to give shorts a shot just in case they end up being worth the short watch.
Joshua Short stories are great. Will watch it.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kaku: Outbreak
Release Date: April 2013
Animation Production: Studio DEEN

Notable Staff/Cast:
Director: Suzuki, Youhei (Episode director of Nodame Cantabile)
Series Composition: Itou, Michiko (Mouretsu Pirates)

The story is set in the same Hinamizawa village of the previous stories. The village has been completely sealed off due to a mysterious virus in 1983, and Maebara Keiichi and Ryuuguu Rena deal with the outbreak.

Chidori3souske Can you believe it I still didn’t have the chance to watch Higurashi but someday I will. I just hope they’ll re-animate it since the animation is really bad. Oh well this is a pass for now.
Hikaru I haven’t seen the previous season either so it’s a pass.
Sid I’m sad that none of my other writers have had a chance to watch this thrilling anime. I’ll definitely be picking it up.
Joshua Pass

Whew that were a lot of shows but I will only be picking up a couple of shows. Here’s my Top 5 picks for this season but that does not mean it’ll be the only shows I’ll be watching.

Chidori3souske’s Top 5 Picks this Spring 2013
5. Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince
4. Aku no Hana
3. Valvrave the Liberator
2. Suisei no Gargantia
1. Attack on Titan(Shingeki no Kyoujin)

Honorable mentions: RDG: Red Data Girl, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Devil Survivor 2: The Animation, Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai., Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

(Sorry got lazy to attach anchors…just scroll up alright?)

I’ll be watching all those series most probably in batches since I enjoy watching series that way than waiting for it every week. I hope this was a very helpful guide to your anime watching this spring!

To tell you guys the truth I’ll be abstaining from watching anime and blogging till mid August since I would want to focus on the Physical Therapy Board Exams and oh, I won’t also be touching my twitter nor facebook account. I need to sacrifice all of those things since the aim of our school would be 100% passing rate and at least 8 Top Notchers so I need to focus and the bigger sacrifices I make the bigger the reward in the end. Sigh, I really have to do things I don’t want to do (like studying) in order to do thing I want to do eventually, do I? SIGH…..

This won’t be my last post since I’ve prepared reviews that is scheduled to be release every week (though I wonder till when it’ll last >.<) so no worries there.  This is not farewell, I’ll be back.

Mata ne またね (See ya!)

until then…


Without as much time on my hands as I used to, I’m quite picky with the titles I’ll be seeing this season. And rather than the marathons I enjoyed doing before, I prefer weekly updates (and suffer from the cliffhanger endings that goes with it).

Looks like we’re all busy but we will still take time to share what’s best and what’s not in the series that we’ve seen so look forward to more reviews! In the meantime, here is my top 5 picks for the season:

Hikaru’s Top 5 Picks for Spring 2013
1. Suisei no Gargantia
2. Valvralve the Liberator
3. RDG: Red Data Girl
4. Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
5. Hataraku Maou-sama

Runner-ups: Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 2000%, Ginga Kikoutai: Majestic Prince, Karneval, Arata Kangatari
Title I’m still seeing from the Previous Season: Chihayafuru 2


Unfortunately I’m a bit behind on the current season with the big move and all but there are a few that caught my eye. Overall I have to say that the season doesn’t look all that great to me mostly because of second seasons of anime I haven’t watched. The others seem to have a pretty sub-standard plot. I’m thinking that I wont be watching much this season for a few different reasons, but hopefully that means I can catch up on my reviews in the mean time.

Sid’s Top 5 Picks for Spring 2013

  1. Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride
  2. Attack on Titan
  3. Suisei no Gargantia
  4. Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi
  5. Hataraku Maou-sama!


Top 5 picks for Spring 2013
1. Arve Rezzle: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi
2. Aiura
3. Chibi Devi
4. Ore no Imouta ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga nai
5. Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko

Strangely, nothing here really caught my attention the way SWO and Accel World did in the previous seasons. I have my hopes up for Avre Rezzel: Kikaijikake no Yoseitachi though. Anyway, that aside, I plan to drown myself in cuteness this spring. Kawaii power!


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