Special Thanks!

Well guys after roughly five months of starting this anime review website I wanted to thank all of you loyal readers! You have been a great help on motivating me, and keeping this website running. So for all of you a big, “Thank you!” is well deserved. Don’t worry, this isn’t a farewell, in fact I’m just getting started. I want to update the website with more content with more than just anime reviews. Although I haven’t quite got an idea yet, I want to keep this website fresh and interesting for new and old readers. If you have any ideas on how to improve the website by all means let me know! I also wanted to go further and give a special thanks to:

Edward~XD for being an awesome moderator and friend. You have been wonderful, and kind enough to join the forum as well as keep me company while writing my little reviews.

LOLDSFAN was one of the first people to join the forum! Thank you so much for all your support and I hope that my reviews are helpful :). You have been an active member on the forum and it really made me happy to know someone has taken my reviews into consideration. And a special thanks for the banners you have created for the main page and forum!

Finkplamingoes has been my graphic mentor. She has helped me keep the website looking interesting, yet simple. Thank you for all the advice!

Chidori3souske helped me line up my next season watch list. Her website Silence is Golden is a great place for episode summaries (for the animes she watches), and great to find out what’s coming out next season. She has also been a great support and commented on a couple of my posts! We have such common anime interests it seems too.

Again, thank you everyone! You have been the perfect motivation for a simple college student like myself. I hope to see the community to grow even more. Everyone…

Thank you!

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    1. It will be good to see different reviews, I like to know what others think. I’m looking forward to it! And more of your episode recaps.

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