School Rumble

Title: School Rumble
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: 6/10

School Rumble

Review: School Rumble had to be the most disappointing romance comedy I have seen. I admit that I had quite high expectations going in because of all the hype I heard about it, and it seemed to have met them at first, but it changed after the long hull through 56 episodes. School Rumble has the basic outline of any romance comedy, girl likes guy, guy likes girl, things happen. Tenma Tsukamoto is a short and childish girl for her age that is often mistaken as being younger than her little sister Yakumo Tsukamoto. Kenji Harima is a delinquent that everyone at school fears. Thanks to an event in his past he falls for the childish Tenma, and begins attending classes regularly to become a better man. I would say that I don’t want to spoil anything, but after watching this anime I don’t even think it would matter because nothing every happens. The anime as a whole was funny (probably what kept me watching), but every event or scene that I figured had significant impact on relationships didn’t mean anything. It was as though the characters forgot these huge events ever happened. Character and relationship development was nearly non-existent in this anime. The final season was cut short due to production issues so only TWO (ending two of course) of the twenty-odd episodes were released. However, I felt it wouldn’t matter if the other twenty did air because nothing would come of them anyway. The first episode of season three attempts to do quick flashes of what SHOULD have happened and they seemed important, but then I remembered that the characters would probably forget about them or not think anything of it anyway. The main girl character was cute and funny, but hardly seemed likable enough to date (not saying I would date a fake girl). The art style and soundtrack were nothing special, very standard so no points there either.

Final statements: For anyone out there who is like me and wants resolution then skip this completely, because trust me you could probably watch the first couple episodes and then the last couple and it would be just the same. So pick up this anime if you have a lot of time and looking for a laugh. Low priority watch.

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