Psycho Pass will have a 2nd season and a movie

Psycho Pass 2
Well, well there are a lot of great news this past couple of days. What the hell maybe the world is ending wwwww. Anyway earlier the twitter of Yamamoto Kouji, chief producer of NoitaminA announced that “Psycho-Pass” will have a second season and a movie. With that I think the 2nd season will most probably end with a cliffhanger or it’ll be open ended just like the 1st season. Btw here’s the tweet of Yamamoto-san after the jump:

Psycho Pass 2 -01
After a couple of hours they’ve released a trailer where we could hear Akane Tsunemori narrating several quotes from the first season and it ended with “SIByL still continues…”


Wow…I just can’t wait for more Psycho Pass and Butch Gen messing up my mind wwwww. About the movie well, it’ll probably a LONG wait again sigh…
until then…

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