Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Title: Mayoi Neko Overrun!
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Rating: 5.2/10

Summary: The story revolves around Takumi Tsuzuki, a boy who lives with his older “sister” Otome, although the two have no blood ties between them. Otome manages a run-down confectionary store called Stray Cats. One day, Otome picks up a mysterious beautiful girl off the streets. (ANN)

Review: I’m glad that I didn’t suggest people picking up this anime on my first lookMayoi Neko Overrun!‘s flaw was probably being released too early. It was a pretty good manga adaptation, which only has six released chapters. I was pretty curious whether the author decided to focus on the anime and leave the manga behind, but apparently he didn’t. Instead the anime ended up containing fillers despite being only thirteen episodes long, and had a recap ending. As for a romance comedy? Hardly. Nothing actually happened, probably because the manga hasn’t reached that point yet. With such a short, non-plot series the storyline was basically null. Random episodes left you detached from characters and slightly confused. The comedy wasn’t too shabby. A couple of the episodes made me laugh out loud, while others were a soft chuckle. The inconsistency in humor makes it difficult to actually consider this a good anime to watch for a laugh. If I wasn’t laughing, it was probably due to the fact that the episode was completely fan service. A whole 30 minutes dedicated to cosplay costumes and bikinis gets really boring. The minimal soundtrack was also pain staking. The kitty-cat meow fest for the opening made my ears bleed.  I skipped over it every time after the first episode. I didn’t even let it play in the background as I got situated to watch. The art style was probably the best thing about Mayoi Neko Overrun!. The bold lines, coloring, and lighting were well done. So props to you illustrator, you did this anime a favor.

Final statements: Nothing much to say about such a short anime. The comedy varied, fan service wasn’t bad, soundtrack made me cringe, and story was mediocre at best. I could have seen Mayoi Neko Overrun! being a rather good series to watch if they just allowed the manga to get further ahead or complete. If they didn’t plan on going further than the manga, why bother releasing the anime in the first place? I debated watch priority, but finally came to the conclusion of avoid watching because the manga is released monthly and no season two has been announced. Sorry Mayoi Neko Overrun! team, but you just released a little too early for your own good.

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