Kimi to Boku 2

Title: Kimi to Boku 2
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Rating: 7.5/10

Summary: Season two of Kimi to Boku

Review: You guys probably already knew that I would check this out since I didn’t consider the first season to be all that bad. I gave it a low priority watch because it was one of those series that kept me entertained at the time but didn’t go beyond its standard 24 minutes. However, I’m happy to say that the second season brought out a lot more to the story (if you can call it a story) and characters. When I first started watching the season I thought that it might not do as well as the first season. A lot of the times I was jumping between bored and entertained. In the end the series pulled through and got me a lot more interested in the characters and where they were headed. I think the thing that came to a surprise was the characters I ended up being most interested in. The first season didn’t have any centric focus on any of the characters so I gravitated toward the comedy, twin duo. They were the least drama-filled and trolled the other three. However, this time around I focused my attention on a character I never thought I would care for, Chizuru.

I wont go into the art since most people who read this review will have already watched the first season. If they haven’t they either didn’t like the first season in which they will have no reason to read this review, or they will watch the first at some point before the second. Let’s just keep it at the art was the same between the two season. Going back to the down and dirty of why I found this season better was my dramatic shift in interest. As I said earlier, I started to grow attached to Chizuru’s character. After learning more about him and seeing the more serious side to his personality he was actually probably one of the more interesting characters. He noticed a lot of things other people ignored, and cared more about his friends than anyone else. Despite being the last member of the group he is probably the most faithful. It was actually kind of nice seeing a friend like that in the group. However, it was ultimately the status of his love life that made me catch notice. This anime was far from a romance because it didn’t go in-depth because they tried to keep everything light hearted. It still had a lot of great scenes through, specifically between Chizuru and Masaki (aka Mary). The obvious crush Mary has on Shun had Chizuru balancing between getting his own feelings heard without pushing the matter. Strangely enough I was cheering him on the entire anime. He handled situations very well and I saw his character to mature through the series. He didn’t stay as the annoying little monkey who constantly craved attention. Most of all he never complained. I can’t stand anime that has a character constantly complaining about their situation. Even when he was dealt bad cards Chizuru never whined about it, he rode it out. I know I’m been praising a character I originally hated quite a bit, but that’s probably due to the shock I’m still in months later. I never expected my view of a character to change so much over a season. Almost every anime I’ve seen I have never changed my stance on a character. If I didn’t like them at the beginning I wont like them at the end. I’ll probably end up hating them more in the end than at the beginning because I’d have to suffer through their stupidity. For that exact reason I instantly bumped Kimi to Boku 2’s score up. It’s pretty surprising how one character can make or break a slice of life anime. Then again is it really that surprising considering that’s pretty much all slice of life have going for them? The other character’s weren’t bad, they just didn’t do anything different from the first season. The twins were still trolls, Shun was still girly, and Kaname still had a thing for his childhood friend’s older sister. The other members of the group did have their times to shine in terms of romance as well. The stories just weren’t as interesting because they didn’t last longer than an episode. Also, nothing really came of any of it. All in all I would say that the series did a better job getting you more attached to the characters, but also lost a bit of its comedic appeal that some viewers fancied in the first season.

The OST isn’t too mentionable except for one song by 7!!. The song “Bye Bye” sounds happy and exciting until you actually read the lyrics. I was actually kind of sad when I read then because of the message it was sending. I don’t know why I didn’t gather through the title. The simple drum beat keeping the singer’s voice in rhythm kept the song on its main focus, the lyrics. I’m not really sure if the songs fit the series that well though. While I really enjoy it and grabbed a copy as soon as it was released, I don’t think it was the best choice. I found the song only spoke true for very specific episodes or possibly scenes. Still, give it a listen I’m sure you will enjoy it if you have listened to any of my other suggestions.

Final statements: An improvement from the first season thanks to Chizuru which brings this season up to a preferred watch. It isn’t great enough to start the series if you are on the fence about it, but well worth watching if you found the first season interesting.

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