Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens

Title: Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Magic
Rating: 8.8/10


Summary: An art student named Jin Mikuriya carves a statue from the wood of the Kannagi tree only to have the statue come to life in the form of a goddess, who has now taken over the statue. He and “Nagi” work together to destroy the impurities that are gathering in the town.

Review: This anime is perfect if you are looking for a good life with a stable amount of story. Kannagi had me laughing out loud every episode, keeping fresh new humor instead of the same repetitive comedy most series stick with. The variety in comedy was only complimented by the interesting storyline of goddesses trying to understand a little more about themselves. I loved this series and only wished that it were longer, or have an announced season two. The relationship established between Jin and Nagi felt perfectly done, stirring a little drama with Jin and his childhood friend Tsugumi Aoba. The character development was surprisingly well done considering how short the series was and didn’t feel rushed at all. The series does very well in bringing story and support characters into play. This anime probably had the perfect mixture of comedy, romance, and drama. The reason I haven’t given this anime a perfect score really was due to the simplistic art style and anti-climactic ending. Although I felt satisfied, I felt that there could have been much more. The producers left viewers with a, “that can’t be it”, feeling. Kannagi has high potential for a second season that wouldn’t be any less interesting than the first. If not a second season, the first could have been extended.
Final statements: This was a very well done anime and probably one of my top. I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys a good comedy. Although the art was lacking, the series really made up for it in story. High priority watch.

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