Title: K-ON!! (K-ON! Season two)
Genre: Comedy, Music, Slice of Life
Rating: 7.0/10


Summary: After School Tea Time is back in action in the second season of K-ON!.

Review: The season has finally come to an end (probably series…?) and I’m rather thankful. There are rumors of a season three but with the manga ending and a satisfying ending I sure hope they aren’t true. Before we get started I want you to know that I wont be talking about the art or soundtrack because they were basically the exact same as season one. Since I figure most of you will have watched season one before season two (since it is the logical thing to do), I wont bother repeating my thoughts. Though the girls of K-ON! were fun to watch, season two just wasn’t the same. I don’t know if it was the fact they decided to make the season twenty-four episodes long or the lack of actual music, but the series was lacking. The thing I enjoyed about season one was the music. Although the songs weren’t very deep or record breaking, they were different. Sure I had no idea what they were talking about, and couldn’t relate to “Fluffy Time” but it was … cute. Season two decided to just focus on their school life, which wasn’t bad at first, but the jokes were getting old. And quite honestly so were the characters. Mio, the most popular characters of the series, dare I say, was a complete downer. It seemed like every plan the girls had was shot down by her “maturity”. In contrast to starting to dislike Mio, I began to like some of the other characters. More specifically Mugi and Ritsu. Mugi is the funny “side” character of the main five. Her presence isn’t well established, but her quick one liners really made me laugh. Ritsu has always been the mastermind behind every funny scenario. I just think everyone should thank her for taking on her civic duty to make the series better. Another thing is, the episodes really weren’t memorable. I actually can’t recall what the older episodes were about (before episode 20).  The series soon became a time killer than enjoyment. I could probably rant on about how K-ON!! just wasn’t the same as season one, but I think you get the point.

Final statements: So long story short it went from music to slice of life. It wasn’t bad but I did start watching K-ON! because it focused on music. The ending was appropriate and I really hope they leave it at season two. Yet another low priority watch.

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