Hand Maid May

Title: Hand Maid May (HMM)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Rating: 7/10

Hand Maid May

Summary: Saotome Kazuya is a computer whiz. One day his friend Nanbara, threatens him with a computer virus. Trying to stop the virus, Kazuya ends up making a special order. May is a cyberdoll that arrives at his door a few minutes later and she is 1/6th the size of a normal person, which makes for many awkward situations. Not to mention the fact Kazuya can’t even afford to keep May. Cyberdyne is not satisfied with Kazuya’s non-payments and will do anything to retrieve CBD May.

Review: HMM was an average anime to say the least. There were only 10 episodes so it wasn’t exactly a waste of time, and it had a pretty unique story. As you can tell from the poster this is the definition of a harem anime. Though some might find it kind of strange that most of the characters aren’t actually human. I did enjoy watching the episodes, burning through them one lazy weekend day. The soundtrack wasn’t all that great, the opening theme was actually a little annoying to listen to.  The characters were actually really interesting. I enjoyed seeing their different personalities and “abilities”. The romance was a little depressing because nothing ever felt resolved. Though they did do a good job showing character bonds and attachments, it fell through by the end of the anime because nothing came of it. There were point scenes that really brought out the main characters. I could tell that the romance didn’t have much to do with the anime considering how short it was. So considering that my expectations weren’t very high they did a decent job. The comedy was again another average part of the anime. I had some chuckles, but nothing to memorable. The art was standard but probably the best aspect of this anime. I liked the backgrounds and focus art (i.e. when drawing one character very well). Unfortunately I have seen better animes. Although I don’t regret watching HMM in the least, I don’t feel like I will rewatch it any time soon.
Final statements: I have to say that this anime was nothing special but nothing horrid. Considering that the anime is only ten episodes I would say that it is worth watching if you have nothing better. It has it’s moments so pick it up some time. Low priority watch.

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