First Look: Summer 2014

This summer is full of some really promising anime, and a great variety of genres. Being able to watch anything from horror to slice of life is making out to be quite an interesting season for anime. It also seems to be the season of OST’s. There are so many amazing soundtracks that I am actually looking forward to this season wrapping up. Unfortunately there are some that I will need to cut out early whether it’s because of time restraints or lack of interest; so without further adieu here is my first look into Summer 2014 and my on watch, dropped, and worth picking up anime!

Akame ga KillAldnoah.ZeroAo Haru RideArgevollenBarakamonDRAMAtical MurderGekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kunGlasslipHanayamataRail Wars!Tokyo ESPTokyo GhoulZankyou no Terror

Akame ga Kill! - 01Akame ga Kill! - 02Akame ga Kill! - 03Akame ga Kill! - 04

Akame ga Kill!

Episodes Watched: 4

I was actually curious to see how this one turned out and I was a little hesitant to continue after the first episode. It wasn’t all that great and the comedy seemed to be pretty forced. The ending tried to push some rather strong emotions without establishing the characters enough to get a tug. However, I decided to continue watching for another three episodes and I’m pleasantly surprised. Although it isn’t the best this season, it has its moments. I’m particularly like the action and the characters are growing on me a little. I can’t say I have much enjoyment for the main character though. I’m going to keep this one on watch and see how it turns out. I’m predicting a preferred watch at the highest though.

Aldnoah Zero - 01Aldnoah Zero - 02Aldnoah Zero - 03Aldnoah Zero - 04


Episodes Watched: 4

Probably the anime with the best soundtrack this season which was expected from the cast. I’m absolutely loving the background music and theme songs. However, it isn’t just the soundtrack that is keeping me hooked to Aldnoah.Zero. The storyline and characters are just as entertaining. I’m really curious to see where they take this all out war and figuring out which Martians are fighting for a just cause. I actually don’t really see this one becoming stale or overdone so I’m going to suggest that other pick this one up for the season. It seems to have the most promise in my eyes.

Ao Haru Ride - 01Ao Haru Ride - 02Ao Haru Ride - 03Ao Haru Ride - 04

Ao Haru Ride

Episodes Watched: 2

I was thinking about dropping this one but I’ve decided to keep it. I know I already have a romance anime going for me this season, but this is obviously a much different style. I’m always weary with romance anime nowadays, so hopefully this one will surprise me. Though after watch the first couple episodes I’m not sure. It seems to have a bit of comedic charm and the story is slow but sweet. My biggest issue right now is with the male lead who seems to have an unnecessary mean streak. I did want to point out the art style shifts during the middle school flashbacks; I’ve seen it before in a couple other anime and I really feel like it should be utilized a lot more. The colors and style felt more like I was reading a picture book which was kind of nice since it was telling a series of events that took place in the past. I’m hoping Ao Haru Ride continues to come out with unique pieces to have it stand out from the dozens of other romance anime I’ve watched.

Argevollen - 01Argevollen - 02Argevollen - 03Argevollen - 04


Episodes Watched: 2

Unfortunately I’m going to be dropping this one for now as well. I actually might pick this one up later depending on my schedule, but right now there just isn’t enough time in the day. I always hate cutting anime due to time restraints but we’re only human right? Hopefully someone else I know is giving this one a go to keep me up to date on how good/bad it is.

Barakamon - 01Barakamon - 02Barakamon - 03Barakamon - 04


Episodes Watched: 4

I was a sucker for the manga and I’m glad that the anime is holding up.  There are actually a lot of scenes that I find funnier in the anime because of how they did the animations. Along with an amazing opening and ending Barakamon is a solid anime that I feel anyone could enjoy. Naru alone could steal anyone’s heart especially being voiced by the very young and talented Suzuko Hara. It is easily one of my favorite slice of life manga and it’s becoming one of my favorite slice of life anime. I suggest that everyone pick this one up for the summer as well!

DRAMAtical Murder - 01DRAMAtical Murder - 02DRAMAtical Murder - 03DRAMAtical Murder - 04

DRAMAtical Murder

Episodes Watched: 2

I don’t think it’s surprise that I’m dropping this one after only two episodes. It didn’t really grip me the way I thought it would after reading the summary. The pretty boys are a bit much for me as well so any sense of danger or thrill the anime tried to instill were lost on me. I mean bunnies with boxing gloves? Come on.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 01Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 02Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 03Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 04

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

Episodes Watched: 4

Probably the biggest blindside this season was Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun!. I not only picked one of the characters as the character of the month for June 2014, but its also one of my favorites this season. It is the perfect mix of romance and comedy; comedy that has me falling out of my chair laughing. I’ve always enjoyed romances that don’t fall into the cliché storylines and have a unique take on character models. This anime does just that. It’s not only different from all the other romances out there, it even makes fun of them. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out even if the main characters don’t ultimately end up together. If you’re looking for a good romance or a hilarious comedy this season I definitely suggest checking this one out!

Glasslip - 01Glasslip - 02Glasslip - 03Glasslip - 04


Episodes Watched: 4

I tried to give Glasslip the good ol’ college try but I ultimately had to drop it. The story wasn’t that gripping and the mystery behind the ‘visions’ was shrouded by the poorly done drama. Is romance really the only thing they could think up for plot? I wish they tried to at least be a little different, and it’s far from the slice of life I was expecting. Unless someone notifies me of some crazy plot twist down the line Glasslip will have to remain dropped.

Hanayamata - 01Hanayamata - 02Hanayamata - 03Hanayamata - 04


Episodes Watched: 3

Alright, I don’t know why I am keeping this one on my watch list, but the first three episodes were kind of entertaining. It was sweet, simple and a good break from the other anime out this season like Tokyo Ghoul. There isn’t much to say about it other than I’ll be watching it for the season.

Rail Wars! - 01Rail Wars! - 02Rail Wars! - 03Rail Wars! - 04

Rail Wars!

Episodes Watched: 4

I wasn’t too sure what I was expecting when I saw the PV for Rail Wars! but the first thing that came to mind was, “this is a more badass version of Working!”. The first episode was rather gripping and I’m curious to see how things turn out. Although after watching a few more episodes, the anime does seem to stretch for those fan service moments, so I wont suggest picking it up quite yet. The female rap for the ending was kind of cool too. Of course I will be writing a review for this one at the end of the season so please look forward to it!

Tokyo ESP - 01Tokyo ESP - 02Tokyo ESP - 03Tokyo ESP - 04

Tokyo ESP

Episodes Watched: 3

Another awesome series that came out for the summer and probably my second favorite. It’s wrapped in a good bit of action and comedy with a hint of mystery. I feel like I haven’t seen a decent supernatural anime quite a while so this was a good change of pace. I’m hoping that the anime doesn’t flop when everything gets revealed, but so far so good. I’d pick this one up for the summer since it has a high potential to be a must see.

Tokyo Ghoul - 01Tokyo Ghoul - 02Tokyo Ghoul - 03Tokyo Ghoul - 04

Tokyo Ghoul

Episodes Watched: 4

I was going to give this one a worth picking up as well but after watching the first four episodes there were a few things that lacked. For example, the resolve of the main character. He doesn’t seem to really have a set personality yet which gives a very slow pacing for the series. Despite all the action, blood, and gore I never feel like Tokyo Ghoul is actually going anywhere. Until the main character establishes himself it’s more like watching an assortment of events rather than a story. Of course the censorship also pulls you out of the anime constantly. I can definitely see this being a better manga than an anime.

Zankyou no Terror - 01Zankyou no Terror - 02Zankyou no Terror - 03Zankyou no Terror - 04

Zankyou no Terror

Episodes Watched: 3

Probably my favorite this season. I can’t tell you how much I’ve liked the first three episodes of Zankyou no Terror. Finally an anime that follows true antagonists that makes you question who you’re truly rooting for. While everything is still covered in the unknown you start to learn a little more about the characters bit by bit. I can easily see this being a must see so I suggest everyone pick it up for the Summer season.

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