First Look: Starry Sky

Title: Starry☆Sky
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life

Summary: The heroine, Tsukiko, enrolled to a school that was recently changed from all-boys school to co-ed. Since the area where the school is conveniently rural and the rather exclusive curriculums the school has, up until now the heroine is the only one female who enrolled to the school.

First Look: When I first read about Starry Sky I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but a good time passer at least. Now it is pretty obvious from the plot that this isn’t typically meant for guys. And if it is, then I’m not sure I’m the right guy to watch it.

The art style of Starry Sky isn’t bad. It is actually probably on the better sides of the anime’s  overall appeal. I really liked the dark colors and lighting effects. Much of the anime took place late evening when I was watching. The sceneries were pretty well done and I don’t have any complaints. I also liked that the illustrator took the time to draw detailed clothing on the characters. I find that many illustrators like school scenes because they don’t have to worry about coming up with any article of clothing other than the school uniform. Then the only real variation comes from how they wear their uniforms (loose tie, unbuttoned, etc.). Starry Sky at least drew a uniform that wasn’t boring and solid color. It is a bit nit picky, but I would say that the clothing design of the characters were definitely worth it. Sad to say, that the well drawn uniforms were just about the only good part about this anime.

The story wasn’t that captivating because it switches off between the different guys every two to three episodes. Despite being a romance and slice of life, neither seem to really fit the anime. For one, there is only one female student in the school so that doesn’t leave much of a selection. From the few episodes I have watched she doesn’t seem bad, but nothing great either. If I had to describe her in one word it would most likely be average. She isn’t stunningly beautiful or have any quality traits other than being kind. On the other hand, the selection of guys seems to be unending. Yet I still couldn’t find myself liking any of the characters. Since every character was only there for a brief moment, I never could get attached to any of them. During the story telling, the anime also attempted some comedic scenes. The comedy didn’t even make me crack a smile or laugh quietly to myself. The execution was poor to say the least, but that isn’t what this anime is about anyway. I suppose it was a method used to push away from the drama genre and lean more toward slice of life.

The soundtrack for Starry Sky was actually rather enjoyable. The ending at least was very catchy and I could definitely see myself listening to it in the future. Even the background images during the ED were cool to watch. If I didn’t know any better I would think that the anime was a comedy or possibly even action from the music. Then again I don’t understand Japanese so the lyrics might have tipped me off. If you don’t decide to pick up this anime then I would still suggest giving the soundtrack a listen. It isn’t bad in my opinion.

Final statements: This is a dropped anime because I have absolutely no interest in watching more episodes. I don’t see the mini-arcs being worthwhile and the characters are a bore.

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