First Look: Heroman

Title: Heroman
Genre: Mecha


Summary: Orphaned American boy Joey lives with his grandmother, working at a restaurant in the West Coast city of Center City, while going to school. Upon hearing of a new toy robot called the Heybo, Joey believes that getting one will make his life better, turning him into a hero to protect his friends and family. However, he cannot afford to buy it on his meager salary. His luck changes when he picks up a broken down Heybo abandoned by a school bully. He tries to fix it, naming it Heroman, but does not have any luck in getting it to work. However, when it gets struck by a bolt of lightning, it transforms into a giant robot, just in time to save his friend Lina from impending danger. Now, Joey and Heroman are Earth’s only defense against the evil insectoid Skrugg aliens, unknowingly summoned to Earth by Joey’s science teacher.

First Look: The story is very easy to follow: boy is picked on, popular girl likes boy, boy has a giant crime fighting robot land on his lap. Oh and aliens attack the United States for resources. Let’s start with what I liked about this anime. The art style is really crisp and clean, it seems as though a lot of the funding is going into this portion of making the anime. Other than that though… I can’t say I have high hopes for Heroman. The story itself feels pretty corny, the poor kid getting bullied until he becomes a hero is cliche`, and for some reason the most popular girl in school is into him. The action is also pretty boring considering all the kid does is push a button (but he sure pushes it in an epic way!). To really sum this anime up: American TV network. I figure that this anime is going to hit a network like Cartoon Network fairly soon, or right after it is completed. Taking place in America, simple American names, and mild violence really stuck me as American TV material. Seeing as I’m not in middle school anymore I don’t think they anime will be very interesting.
Final statements: Well guys I can tell you that Heroman was a pretty easy decision for me to make whether I should keep watching it or not. And I plan to drop this anime instead of following it for this season. If you would really like me to pick this anime back up please let me know. But as for now it isn’t appealing enough.

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