First Look: Fall 2013

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this season, though I feel like I say that every season. I always think that a season is going to be horrible and I’m going to have to write a majority of “Avoid Watch”. I don’t know what it is about my negativity that makes it seem like I’m anti-anime or some stuck up snob, but I really should give things a better shot. Thankfully the anime that I was looking forward to actually ended up meeting all my expectations. Even the ones that I wasn’t too fond of seem to be heading down a pretty good path. I’m a little afraid that I have far too many anime to watch that I wont have time to review everything, but I’ll try my best! I haven’t forgotten about Summer 2013 so don’t worry guys. As usually I’ll be color-coding all the titles with worth picking up, on watch, and dropping.

Aoki Hagane no ArpeggioCoppelionFreezing VibrationGalilei DonnaGingitsuneGolden TimeKill la KillKyoukai no KanataKyousogigaLog HorizonMiss MonochromeNagi no AsukaraNon Non BiyouriOre no Nounai Sentakushi gaStrike the BloodTokyo RavensYozakura Quartet Hana no UtaYuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita


Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio

Episodes Watched: 2

The first thing that anyone would notice is that this anime is completely done in CG. Now it isn’t the first anime to do complete CG, but it is the first to try and splice it into a traditional look. That’s where I think it went wrong. The thing that makes pure CG anime good is because they used the CG to their advantage. You can do a lot more in a shorter period of time with great lighting effects and fluid movements. However, in Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio the movements were robotic and the visuals looked like they were created in the 90s. I don’t really understand why they would try and come in with a hand-drawn style when it’s blatant use of computers. Now I will applaud them for trying, but nothing more. I also want to point out that I didn’t drop this anime because if its art; I dropped it because of the story.The pacing is slow and the characters bland. They didn’t explain at all how the other crew members came into play other than small hints that they were friends. But let’s be honest here, how many friends would drop their entire lives to become fugitives in such a short period of time? They may explain this later in the anime but it isn’t a risk I am willing to take.



Episodes Watched: 4

I felt like I was going to place Coppelion as a worth picking up after the first episode, but I’m glad that I waited to watch four before making my decision. The series has great art which I expected after watching K, but a pretty poor character decision which I also expected after watching K. I really like the bold lines and 3D fast paced action with a hue of colors and vast scenery. However, the characters start to lay on the emotions thick. I understand that it is very tragic the old capital of Japan has fallen to ruin and the only people left there are convicts but you don’t have to cry over everything. I think they could have done a much better job trying to show the heartache of losing the life of another human without needing to have a waterfall of tears from a high school girl. After the second and third time they followed the same formula I started to feel annoyed. The main character cries, wipes the tears, walks away sadly while the other two call out to her, single tear drop, end of episode. I’m going to keep watching it because I am a little curious.


Freezing Vibration

Episodes Watched: 3

Ok ok I know what you’re thinking, “Why would you watch this anime of all the others ones out this season?”. Well to be honest I am watching it because I read the manga for quite some time. I really enjoyed it for quite some time even though the anime did nothing for me. Not only was the first season quite different than the manga it had terrible art with a 4:3 ratio and overly ecchi comparatively. The second season is already better because they decided to up the aspect ratio to 16:9 and follow the story a bit better this time around. Of course it is still ecchi, has horrible art, and the story will probably be lost in later episode, but I still want to hold hope. Besides Satellizer is one of my favorite characters of anime. I’m hoping that the anime doesn’t butcher her character design too much.


Galilei Donna

Episodes Watched: 3

I think that Galilei Donna is probably going to be a decently interesting anime this season. I’m not the biggest fan of all the sisters, but they do have decent chemistry. I can also relate a little with the middle child who is being overshadowed by her younger and older sister. Currently my biggest problem is that they are taking a long time to get the story going. Although there has been action, back-stabbing and the cliché amnesia, I feel like the story hasn’t actually gone anywhere. The latest development in episode three has given me hope to keep going. I’m looking at this anime to take me on a good adventure more than anything. I just hope it doesn’t fall flat.



Episodes Watched: 4

I actually enjoyed watching the first couple episodes of Gingitsune because it was a good break from the either heavy drama or action anime out this season. It isn’t anything special and it sure doesn’t have anything that will stick with me for years to come. It is a pretty basic, sweet tale with a little bit of mystery. I don’t think that it is quite worth picking up this season though because I predict it to be a low priority watch by the end. It wont offer anything more than relaxing entertainment and decent character development. It seems to be stirring a little more plot with the latest episode but it isn’t something I expect to continue for episodes to come.


Golden Time

Episodes Watched: 4

This is probably one of my favorite anime this season because it’s a good quip of comedy, romance, and drama. The characters are all well done and I’m actually liking the relationship between everyone. However, I do have a problem with where the anime is headed. While I like that it takes place in college creating a slightly more mature atmosphere I think that they played one of the most cliché plot cards, amnesia. I’m not sure what it is about anime and having characters forgetting their entire past slowly picking up pieces along the way. Once that struck it was quite obvious to me what was going to happen and so far everything is falling into place. Let’s be honest here too, the last bit of the opening is kind of a spoiler for things to come. If you want to know my prediction here it is:

Tada has met Kaga in the past just after his injury and the two will end up together when Kaga realizes that her love for Mitsuo isn’t right. Mitsuo will always care for Kaga and never abandon her but will find a new love. Of course Tada also discovers his past girlfriend is actually Linda from the Festival Research Society just after confessing his feelings. This will lead to an awkward moment where Tada will need to let reject Linda because he “isn’t the same person he was before”. She’ll cry and accept it, everyone living happily ever after.

So who wants to bet money on this one?


Kill la Kill

Episodes Watched: 4

A crazy cool and classic style anime that actually has been excited to watch each week. I love the old art style and comedy mixed with a basic yet intriguing story. It has some great action and amazing character designs. I think this is the first anime in a long while that actually has the classic nosebleed I grew up with in anime. I’m excited to see what will happen next even though I don’t think that the story is all that amazing. I would suggest picking this one up as well because it could turn out to be something absolutely amazing, or at the very least extremely entertaining.


Kyoukai no Kanata

Episodes Watched: 4

I was really into this anime after the first episode, then a bit curious with the second, bored with the third, and tempted to drop after the fourth. I’m not sure what it is about this anime’s episode endings but they really don’t know how to leave a cliffhanger. I honestly thought that the file on my computer got corrupted because it ended at the most awkward moment. I don’t know many anime that just cut off in the middle of the conversation and expect the audience to remember it a week later. It’s poor choice of story telling and basic character designs leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Probably the only interesting thing the anime has done so far is Akihito’s berserk scene. Unfortunately it was solved rather quickly and the relationship pacing between Akihito and Mirai sped up rapidly. I’m actually wondering where they plan to take this anime because so far there doesn’t seem to be a very good overarching storyline. I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up being one of those cheesy “It’s ok to be different because I’m different too” endings.



Episodes Watched: 3

I absolutely loved the OVA, shorts, and now TV series of Kyousogiga. It’s a fast paced wacky story with some amazing characters and brain stimulating episodes. It is a great mix of character development and story telling with a dash of comedy. This is probably my favorite of the season by far. I don’t really know where it is headed yet I’m excited to watch the next episode. I think that below the surface of its comedic elements it has a solid foundation. There are a lot of characters still wrapped in mystery that could rock the world as we know it. I also like the direct references to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because it’s as though the series is taking classic literature and giving it a new age feel. For anyone who hasn’t managed to pick this anime up I suggest watching all renditions of it that have been released. It is worth the wait to get the full story.


Log Horizon

Episodes Watched: 4

I know that I’m still watching this but I’m really closed to dropping it. I already have a very bad feeling about it becoming stale after having no follow up story after episode four. I understand that the whole ‘stuck in a video game’ is the overarching story but it doesn’t seem to bother people as much anymore. I may be spoiled but knowing that no one can actually die also kind of takes away the fear factor. It seems to me like the writers wanted to create a story that took place in a fantasy world but didn’t know how to do it. I feel like if you took out of the fact that this anime had characters trapped in a video game it could still have the exact same story and plot.


Miss Monochrome

Episodes Watched: 4

It’s a short that has given me some cheap laughs, nothing more nothing less. It doesn’t take that much time to watch and sometimes I need a quick chuckle. I can’t say you should pick it up because it isn’t that great; the entertainment and time ratio kind of pulled me in. Besides I think that having a voice actress with a computerized voice is kind of neat.


Nagi no Asukara

Episodes Watched: 4

The only reason I haven’t given this a worth picking up is because it teeters on the edge of being extremely well done or horribly executed. Anime that rely heavily on character relationships are always difficult to predict this early on. I have a general idea of what is going to happen but so far I just feel story for most of the characters. I don’t think that pity is exactly the best way to win the audience over, but it seems to be working with Nagi no Asukara because I’m still watching it. I’m thinking that the anime will end decently and everything will work out in the end. The only thing is that the anime doesn’t really offer anything unique. It’s the stereotypical romance anime we’ve all scene before with the hot headed protagonist, the confused cutie, the heartbroken friend, and the silent supporter. I’m thinking this will be a preferred watch at best.


Non Non Biyouri

Episodes Watched: 3

Another anime that is for some cheap laughs and relaxing after a heart pounding season. it isn’t anything special and a typical slice of life. I laughed a few times over the past three episodes but nothing I couldn’t get elsewhere. Not much to say about this one other than if you like slice of life give it a go. The characters are pretty fun to watch.


Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga

Episodes Watched: 1

I had to drop this one after the first episode because I was really hoping that the choices the protagonist had to make were a little less… vulgar. I can’t say that the anime gave me even one laugh because it was just awkward to watch. I understand that the story might have picked up a little more after the first episode as you learn about why he has the “Multiple Choice” condition, but having a “beauty fall out of the sky” on top of him snipped my last thread of hope. I can’t see it being anything good for any of the things I look for in anime. Who knows maybe someone else will convince me otherwise, but I strongly doubt it.


Strike the Blood

Episodes Watched: 4

I don’t know if I like this anime or not. The story seems pretty cool and the main character isn’t a horrible person, but I can’t say I’m won over just yet. I’ll probably watch it till the end but it’s going to be a low priority watch at best. I don’t know what it is about this season but romance seems to be accelerated to unimaginable speeds. It’s strange to me that the main characters are already that close to each other, and how he can only drink blood when he’s aroused. I’m hoping that the story gets better because that’s probably the only thing that will save this anime.


Tokyo Ravens

Episodes Watched: 3

I really enjoyed the first three episodes of Tokyo Ravens and the opening. It did a pretty good job mixing comedy, action, and drama. For all of you who have already picked it up I’m sure you were just as shocked as I was at the end of episode two. I actually really liked how the main character handled the situation and look forward to seeing what develops. I’m hoping that it doesn’t drop the pace in terms of story but I’m more excited to see some character development.


Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta

Episodes Watched: 2

I wanted to pick this series up because I quite enjoyed the first anime release (which was apparently quite different from the original story) and the OVA to make up for the difference in the manga. So far I can’t say that I’m very happy with it. I’m happy to see the characters again and get back into the pace of things, but it’s going slow. There are signs of an actual story stirring up but it’s taking forever. Of course it is only two episodes in so there is plenty of room for it to become amazing, let’s just hope they use the space wisely.


Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita

Episodes Watched: 1

I feel it’s probably pretty obvious why I dropped this anime, it’s just ecchi. There is nothing more to it. The comedy wasn’t that great and the story probably wont be that fulfilling. The girls all fit the stereotypes and the more I thought about it the less I wanted to watch the second episode. For any of you who are stilling watching it I wish you luck.

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