First Look: Fairy Tail

Title: Fairy Tail
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Fairy Tail

Summary: A young celestial wizard, Lucy Heartfilia, travels to the land of Fiore to join the magical Fairy Tail Guild. Along the way, she meets Natsu Dragneel, a teenage boy looking for a dragon named Igneel, with his best friend, Happy. Shortly after their meeting, Lucy is abducted by Bora of Prominence, who was posing as Salamander of Fairy Tail, to be sold as a slave. Natsu rescues her and reveals that he is the real Salamander and has the skills of a Dragon Slayer. He offers her membership into the guild, which she accepts, and they become a team performing various missions for the Fairy Tail guild.

First Look: When giving this a quick glance (4 episodes in) I wasn’t too impressed. But since it was summer I figured, why not? When I continued to watch I started to get more and more interested in the characters and plot lines. As many of you have probably heard, it resembles One Piece quite a bit. Although it does have a similar art style and comedy, it isn’t just another copy. The series picked up around episode 10. At first it seemed like a very fun anime with very little conflict. As the story progresses, you begin to learn quite a bit about everyone’s past (whole episodes dedicated to them). This is where the anime really got to me. The pasts of the four main characters (Erza, Lucy, Natsu, and Gray) seem a very dark considering how comedic Fairy Tail usually is. Some of the scenes can get pretty emotional. I also tend to be a sucker for strong comrade ties. Fairy Tail members always have each other’s backs, and no one is left stranded. The soundtrack is decent, but I don’t plan on getting the OST when it comes out. I haven’t really found it all that special. The background music during fights is usually short too. Hopefully things will pick up quickly though.
Final statements: Sadly I can’t tell you how long it will be until a full review is given, since it will probably be a good 100+ episodes from what I can tell.  I currently on episode 25 and the best thing I can say is the anime seems pretty solid. I’m hoping it doesn’t go down hill like Bleach fillers. I suggest this for anyone who is looking for a nice, long anime or anyone who is a fan of One Piece. I will keep this one on watch personally.

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