First Look: Durarara!!

Title: Durarara!!
Genre: Action


First Look: After watching the first episode of Durarara-ra..-ra… whatever I have to say that I am quite impressed. The anime starts with the boy named Mikado RyĆ«gamine that has been shelter his whole life. He decided to move to Ikebukuro to attended high school with his best friend Masaomi Kida that he hadn’t seen in four years. The first episode kicks off the series with a little humor, and quite a bit of action. Everything is still a mystery so I can’t say too much but I would bookmark this anime if I were you! The art style and fight scenes were very well done, and it seems to have quite a unique story line. I can only hope that this anime doesn’t get cut short before its prime.
Final statement: Not much can be said by only one episode but I plan to keep an eye out on this one! Expect a full review at the end of the first season. On watch.

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