Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Review

Story: 7/10 Before watching this I suggest you should watch the anime series or should have played the eroge so that you’ll have an idea of what’s happening in the movie. This movie gives little introduction and the pacing is really fast since it keeps on switching from one scenario to another. I kept on wondering when did the characters arrive in a scene or how in the world did Shiro power up like that. Really, this movie is for fans or those who liked the anime series. If you’re neither then better to stay away because you’ll probably keep scratching your head while watching this.

As for the story itself, it was quiet good with a lot of confrontations and revelations. In terms of action, this movie surely delivers specially the scene where there are multiple servants battling each other, I was honestly at the edge of my seat. Since there is action, there are a LOT of blood and gore. This movie sure is a lot darker than the tv series counterpart , I was really surprised at how Illyasviel died in this movie O_o. I was also surprised since the servants keep on changing sides in this movie and left me wondering who is the real antagonist. On another note, I now see the connections of the characters of Fate/Stay Night in the other Type Moon movie Kara No Kyoukai. Characters: 8/10 Actually, I like the route of Saber that was featured in the anime and I didn’t care for Rin, Archer or Shiro’s character (though I like Archer since he’s awesome) but when I watched the movie, I saw those characters in a new light. Since this movie is based from the Unlimited Blade Works route of the game, this time the focus is on Rin, Archer and Shiro so their characters are well developed. I like Rin now since I was able to see more of her tsundere self and honestly I might have blind since I just realized how attractive she was (most probably the work of the animation). Shiro on the other hand is not useless anymore since he could now defend himself. As for Archer can you believe that he’s more awesome in this movie, he’s very clever and very unpredictable. Gilgamesh also made an appearance in this movie and I’m surprised that he’s not clad in his golden armor but he’s still an arrogant and selfish bastard. Shinji on the other hand is pathetic and wimpy unlike his anime self and it might be because he lacks character development. Animation: 8/10 The animation is WAY better than the tv series counterpart. I loved the lighting in the movie, and the detail of the environment and the sword fight is simply breathtaking. The fight scenes really is awesome, the movements are very fluid and I like the effects on the swords. The characters simply look stunning in this movie. Fanservice exists, but only a couple of them, the memorable one would be Saber’s night gown and Rin half naked on the bed (*nose bleed*). Sound: 7/10 I’m not impressed with the bgm but at least they played the right music at certain scenes specially during the fight scenes. There are also some scenes where there’s only conversations and no background music and somehow at certain scenes I find it awkward. I love the ending song since it has a nice melody and best describes Archer. Enjoyment: 8/10 As a fan I certainly enjoyed watching this movie even though there are some flaws in it. I definitely love the sword fights and it’s nice seeing Saber, Rin and Archer again after several years. The story really has good elements in it that’s engaging in its own right and it’s really an improvement of the tv series. Now I wonder of it would have been better if the tv series is made into a movie, I think yes it would have been better since the production value will be greater than a tv series and it would be very direct so no boring moments. Definitely a much watch to any fans… Now all we need is Heaven’s Feel to complete all the Fate Stay Night routes and then I’ll decide which one is my favorite. Overall : 7.6/10After watching this movie, I am now officially a fan of Rin Tosaka….here’s a gorgeous pic of her and Shiro that I’ve put together (I hope the cropping is not too obvious)…


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