CotM: Touka Kirishima

Name: Touka Kirishima
Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Voiced By: Sora Amamiya
Species: Ghoul
Age: 16
Likes: School life, Rabbits

Touka Kirishima 01Touka Kirishima 02

Background: Touka is a ghoul successfully posing as a human and working as a waitress at a cafe which serves as a gathering place for other ghouls, as well as a food resource.

Reason for CotM: Touka Kirishima is easily my favorite character of Tokyo Ghoul and quite frankly she makes the main character bearable. It’s obvious she has a very sweet side and I really like the way she interacts with her best friend from school. Despite being a ghoul she tries her best to live a normal high school life. But of course it’s her absolute kick butt attitude that makes her the August character of the month. The way she acts toward Kaneki is a  mixture of jealousy and annoyance. I feel she has a much bigger role in the series than she currently puts off and I can’t wait to see what that is. Hopefully it involves more butt kicking.

Touka Kirishima 03

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