CotM: Sora

Name: Sora
Age: 18
Anime: No Game No Life
Personality: Analytical, NEET
Skills: Psychology, Video Games

Sora No Game No Life 1

Sora No Game No Life 2

Background: Abandoned by his parents, Sora is a brilliant NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) shut-in gamer along with his step-sister, Shiro which formed 『  』.

Reason for CotM: Honestly speaking I shouldn’t be just picking Sora for the Character of the Month because Sora and Shiro are truly one. The entity that is 『  』cannot be broken up into two separate people. But alas I conceded and realized that it was Sora who really made the team and No Game No Life a very entertaining anime. I absolutely love his unbelievable risks, taunting death just out of his reach with every game. His no bars hold attitude makes everything he’s involved with intense and exciting. While he is really a caring guy and truly wishes the best for humanity I get chills when I see his eyes glow red when he’s series. Sora has had some of the most inspirational monologues of any anime. His psychological warfare leaves people shocked in awe. You can’t help respect his powers and trust he places in Shiro. He is humanity’s last hope. He is 『  』.

Sora No Game No Life 3

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