CotM: Shougo Kiryuu

Name: Shougo Kiryuu
Anime: Isshuukan Friends
Personality: Blunt
Skills: Sleeping

Shougo Kiryuu - 01Shougo Kiryuu - 02

Background: Shougo is Yuuki’s reliable best friend with good grades. He appears as a cold person who’s straightforward with words, and often sleeps in class while treating everything else as a bother.

Reason for CotM: It’s rather rare for me to like a support character as much as I like Shougo. He plays such a big role in Isshuukan Friends without taking the spotlight. It’s rare to see true support characters like himself who can offer a different perspective for the audience while still encouraging the main character. More importantly his blunt honesty is actually something I’ve found to desire more in anime lately. You need to have that second opinion, the friend who just tells it like it is to avoid confusion. His nonchalant attitude keeps him from becoming the annoying, overbearing best friend like many other anime.  I’m really looking forward to Shougo’s role in Isshuukan Friends more than the actual relationship between Fujimiya and Hase. All hail the support characters!


Shougo Kiryuu - 03

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