CotM: Leopard

Name: Leopard
Anime: Yoru no Yatterman
Voiced By: Eri Kitamura
Occupation: Dorobo Gang Leader

Leopard - 01

Leopard - 02

Background: A nine year-old girl who is a direct descendant of the Dorobo Gang’s leader, Doronjo. When her mother dies as a result of the current Yattermen not allowing her to get the medicine she needed, Leopard reforms the Doronbo Gang to take vengeance against the Yatter Kingdom.

Reason for CotM: Yoru no Yatterman is one of my favorite anime of the season, and Leopard one of my favorite characters of the season. She’s determined, dependable, and caring. We’re given the chance to follow Leopard on her journey to give Yattermen a “forehead flick” and watch as she realizes the world isn’t such a beautiful place. Although she begins to lose her losing her childhood innocence, she never losers hope. The amount of trust she places on her friends show’s that even a nine year old can be a powerful leader.

Leopard - 03

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