CotM: Kuroko Tetsuya

Name: Kuroko Tetsuya
Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball
Gender: Male
School: Seirin High
Height: 5’6″ (168cm)
Weight: 125lbs (57kg)

kuroko_tetsuya_wallpaper_2_by_umi_no_mizu-d5audxiKuroko_No_Basket_Tetsuya_Kuroko_Seirin_Uniforme_High_N (1)

Background: The phantom sixth member of the “Generation of Miracles.” He has a very weak presence and often seemingly appears out of nowhere as a result.

Reason for CotM: The reason I chose Kuroko as November 2013’s character of the month is because I’ve recently got into the series Kuroko’s Basketball as per the suggestion of my entire writing staff. I actually know the series is very popular and I kind of see why. Kuroko is a great example of a unique main character. I thought it rather neat to base an anime around someone who really should take a support role.

Most protagonists are strong willed, cool headed, and make their presence known. In fact, the entire world revolves around them. Kuroko was the complete opposite. Despite being a main character (heck the anime is named after him) his entire role is to create a main character. Generally I lean toward anime that revolve around someone who’s powerful because they can be seen as an inspiration. That’s why I was taken back by the fact I consider Kuroko an inspiration.

Besides you have to give a guy credit when he can make you bust out laughing without saying more than a couple words.


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