CotM: Koto

Name: Koto
Anime: Kyousogiga
Gender: Female
Weapon: Hammer


Background: An indifferent 14-year-old girl who holds many secrets. Surprisingly, she likes cute things like stuffed animals.

Reason for CotM: Ever since the OVA came out Koto has been one of my favorite protagonist for an anime. She’s goofy, funny, but also has her own share of problems. She really shined in the latest episode of Kyousogiga when she finally broke down. I like that she’s different. Unlike most main leads she doesn’t really seem to have a fix. I never really know what she’s thinking but find myself enjoying the ride she takes the viewers on. She has also brought out the best in the supporting characters by helping them explore their inner thoughts. I can only see her becoming even more interesting as the series progresses as we slowly untangle the web of secrets she seems to wrap herself in. Or perhaps she doesn’t know anything herself?

What do you guys think of this mysterious, hyper-active girl? Is she good? Is she evil? Or maybe just looking for a place where she belongs?


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