CotM: Hakuya Mitsumine

Name: Hakuya Mitsumine
Anime: Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Marital Status: Engaged

Hakuya 1
Hakuya 2

Background: Hakuya is Kobeni Yonomori’s fiancé who suddenly appears on her 16th birthday with his little sister Mashiro Mitsumine. He and his sister start living in the same house as Kobeni and her own sister, Benio Yonomori.

Reason for CotM: Some of you  may be really surprised by this post. I never really spoke much about Hakuya other than the occasional tweet. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t take notice of him. At first he was the quiet, rather bleak guy who didn’t offer much for entertainment. He was nice and a little clumsy but he never stood out. It wasn’t until half way through the series when I realized how funny he really was. He would shoot off quick one liners in his low volume, deep voice that just made the anime 10x more enjoyable. While there are many great characters this season I had to give credit for his quiet yet hilarious demeanor. Plus I think it was about time I threw a little something for the ladies. Ladies who are into quiet, loyal, and stone faced guys. I’m sure that’s a thing. I’m really hoping for a second season to catch more of this awesome anime made even better with Hakuya!

Hakuya 3

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