CotM: Esdeath

Name: Esdeath
Anime: Akame ga Kill
Voiced By: Satomi Akesaka
Faction: Jaegers
Imperial Arms: Demon’s Extract

Esdeath - 01

Esdeath - 02

Background: Esdeath is a high-ranking general of the Empire, and leader of the Jaegers. She enjoys torturing her enemies slowly, seen when she used her Teigu to put large blocks of ice in a cauldron so that the people inside would die slower and suffer more. Despite her sadistic actions, she is actually shown to have a compassionate heart when it comes to the lives of her men and others close to her.

Reason for CotM: Yet another strong female lead for the character of the month, this time from Akame ga Kill!. Honestly, I’m surprised that I hadn’t chosen Esdeath earlier, because I fell for her the minute I saw her in episode five. She’s a badass, cool headed killer with probably one of the worst agendas in anime. Her piercing gaze could bring any army to its knees. However, the reason why I chose her over any other villain is because she does have a compassionate side, one that makes you understand her reasoning. She doesn’t act purely out of anger or hatred, but rather a sense of duty. The care she shows for her comrades brings her from a level of pure fear to respect. Not saying that she shouldn’t be feared, because she’s absolutely terrifying. Despite her role in the series I’m not 100% sure how things will end with her. There are so many paths Esdeath can take as Akame ga Kill! comes to an end, and each one has me excited.

Esdeath - 03

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