La Storia della Arcana Famiglia

Title: La storia della Arcana Famiglia
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Rating: 6.5

Summary: The trade island of Regalo is protected by the vigilante group Arcana Famiglia. On his 59th birthday, current leader Mondo has announced the staging of the Arcana Duello in two months. A battle among those who made made a contract with the Tarocco cards and gained Arcana powers, the Arcana Duello will determine the next leader of the group and will be given the title of “Papa”. Along with granting any wish, his daughter Felicita shall be married off to the winner as well. Will the Famiglia’s princess let herself be a trophy or will she fight for her own freedom?

Review: Of course a girl would fight for herself! Having one or two knights beside her isn’t so bad either. And because this is based from an otome game, she actually gets more than that.
There should have been a lot of potential for this series, especially the action part. Arcana Famiglia was off to a quick start by introducing almost all of the characters and the main plot right from the first episode. However, that’s when the problem begins.
The Arcana Duello is not given attention until the last episode. Instead, the series dwells on ordinary day-to-day events and a few backstories. A forgotten past and one not meant to be remembered. Facing their issues head on gave a new dimension to Liberta and Nova. Other than these two, basic relationships among the other characters are established but not given further background.
The usual Jpop tune welcomes the viewers to each new episode and a special segment ends it right after the closing theme. Each punishment game is meant to be a fanservice, ranging from singing a song to drinking a truth potion.
Final Say: Despite the weakness in the story of most episodes, Arcana Famiglia manages to resolve its main conflict: the true reason behind the Arcana Duello. The best way to appreciate it is not to take it seriously and simply go with the flow of the story. A low priority watch like most otome adaptations.

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