Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge

Title: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Rating: 8.5/10

Arakawa Under the Bridge 2

Summary: Continuation of Arakawa Under the Bridge


Review: Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge had everyone I liked in the first season and made it even better. You could probably look back at my review of Arakawa Under the Bridge to get an idea where I am going with this season’s review. And if you are still too lazy to do that then I can just tell you the soundtrack and art haven’t changed for this season.

For now non-lazy people (or less lazy) let’s move onto the full review. The art style was done amazingly well yet again by SHAFT. Thanks to Arakawa Under the Bridge’s art and story I was very much looking forward to Winter 2010-11’s Mahou Shoujo Madoka ★ Magica by SHAFT. So what made this season to great? The art style was the same as the first season, multiple scene jumps, great lighting effects, hilarious facial expressions mixed with serious and unique design. Everyone from season one was adapted into season two.

Even the soundtrack was very similar to the first seasons. The opening was a crazy indie song with very strange lyrics. The ending was another slow guitar track with deep meaning and addicting melody. I would say both are worth listening to outside of Arakawa Under the Bridge, especially the ending. I have to say that the opening song’s art was much better than the first seasons. To me the opening summed up the entire story in a crazy adventure filled with spaceships and guns.

The story is where the anime dramatically improved. Some of you may have come in for the comedy while others, like myself, wanted to see a little more romance between Nino and Ric. For you comedy fans, don’t worry! Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge didn’t disappoint. The jokes were fresh and enjoyable. I would say that I laughed more this season than the last. I felt that the comedy in season two was a lot more wide ranged, but still mostly consisted of WTF moments. What took my attention was the character development. While the first season was mostly about Ric joining this loveable band of weirdos, season two turn its attention toward Nino. You touch the surface of her past and learn a little bit more about her strange behavior. The season showed that Nino had some brain behind her beauty. Diving further down you find a few romantic moments shared between Ric and Nino. The unlikely couple matched well together having the love for each other and their all their friends. Though I can’t say they progressed to the point of Billy and Jacqueline’s relationship, it looked like Ric and Hoshi were inspired by Billy’s gentleman persona. Character development naturally occurred with a heavier story focus and made the second season that much more amazing.

Final statements: Any fan of Arakawa Under the Bridge needs to check this season out. It wont disappoint and probably leave you wishing for more. I know I’m looking forward to a season three! The anime bumps up to a high priority watch thanks to the significant improvements.

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