Title: Aiura
Genre: Yonkama, Slice-of-life
Rating: 7.1/10


Summary: This anime is adapted from a 4 panel comic strip. The plot centers on Kanaka Amaya, Saki Iwasaya, and Ayuko Uehara, who have just begun high school. They became friends over an accidental encounter between Amaya and Uehara at the local snack shop, which they later pick up in school when they realize they have become classmates. The 3 minute long twelve episode anime features little snippets of surround the girls as they embark upon high school life.

Review: The length of the anime can be rather annoying, especially because half the time is  taken up by the opening and ending themes. However, I found it very difficult to skip pass the funny opening theme about crabs with a MV narrative of all three characters in Super Deformed style. The scene where Amaya hugs the crab makes me smile every time. Moreover, I rather enjoyed the little random stories about high school that most of us will be able to identify with. It is a feel good anime with cute little jokes that will leave you laughing.

Recommended for: I recommend this anime for those short little breaks you wish to take in between your work or school.

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