Why did you start an anime review website?

A few reasons actually, the main one simply being that I like anime. I have always been into anime, but never really had anyone to discuss it with. By writing these reviews, I fulfill the satisfaction of discussing old and new releases no matter how many or few people read them. As you can tell already I also enjoy bouncing opinions off other people, taking into consideration every angle. The final reason is hopefully saving people the annoyance of watching a horrible anime, because no one likes the feeling of “What was the point of that?” after finishing a series. I know that all too well.

What does Anime Anthology mean?

Anime Anthology is a large collection of different anime works (or in this case reviews) that have been written by multiple authors. We wanted to create a single place where people can not only get hundreds of different anime reviews, but also different opinions. So don’t be surprised if you see reviews by multiple authors on the same anime.

This used to have a webcomic right?

Correct! This website used to host a webcomic. In fact, I am the creator of said comic. The reasons I decided to move away from webcomics is: 1) Lack of motivation, 2) time restraints, 3) money. I found that spending so much time and money on a webcomic wasn’t worth it for me if I just wanted to do it casually. Plus my interested shifted toward anime, and I really enjoy discussing the different anime I have watched. If you still want to browse through the comic archive it can be found here. If I get back into art I may update it here and there, but I wont announce any updates since it is only a side project.

How do you watch the anime you review?

This is a great question! The quality of video I watch makes a huge difference in my reviews. Watching .flv tends to leave a bad impression because color quality is effected along with the quality of lines. I lean toward .mkv file formats, and watch it through an HDMI cable hooked up to my television. Sadly older anime are very difficult to get through torrents/direct downloads due to availability. Long story short, I watch newer anime through .mkv or .avi and older ones through streaming. Don’t worry I do take into account video quality when giving my review on art style!

Can I write a review?

By all means please! There are so many anime out there and I don’t have nearly enough time to get to them all. I try my best to keep constant updates, but school and normal life activities get in the way. If you want to be a reviewer send me an e-mail at szaveri@animeanthology.com with an attached or written review of an anime (just so I can see your reviewing style), and I will get back to you ASAP. If I like your review you may get offered a permanent spot on Anime Anthology. Or if you like, why not head over to the forum and see if you like the community first.