07 Ghost

Title: 07 Ghost
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Summary: With no past and no family, Teito Klein does as he was ordered to. Having lived as a battle slave, he possesses exceptional fighting skills and a power called Zaiphon. However, after regaining part of his memories, he escapes the military and finds himself protected by the Church’s Law of Sanctuary. His inevitable meeting with the protectors of the Church, the Seven Ghosts, lead to self-discovery and a fate that can change the world.


“As long as you keep anything about me within you… Always, my heart will be with you.”
-Barsburg Scriptures Volume III, Verse 17

Just as the series has its own scriptures, 07 Ghost has a well-established world that can be as real, beautiful, and sometimes cruel as that of ours. Slowly but surely, principles about the existence of various beings are clearly explained. A person needs a body and a soul in order to live. Each soul has promised God three wishes to fulfill while it is living. However, Kor, servants of the death god Verloren, taint these souls and lead them to darkness. The Seven Ghosts seek to protect human souls and to seal away the betrayer Verloren. Two nations, the Barsburg Empire and the Raggs Kingdom, are also granted divine protection through the Eye of Raphael and the Eye of Mikhail. Along with this mythologically-inspired plotline is the power struggle between the church and the military.

In the middle of all these complications is protagonist Teito Klein. He has shown great character development, from someone who had lost everything to a noble soul who only wishes to reveal the truth of the world. His pure and innocent friendship with Mikage and amusing student-mentor relationship with Bishop Frau were key elements to Teito’s development and that of the over-all plot. And behind these characters are reputable seiyuus as well. Daisuke Namikawa won Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his portrayal of Mikage. Notable members of the cast include Mitsuki Saiga as Teito Klein, Junichi Suwabe as Frau, Jun Fukuyama as Hakuren Oak, and Show Hayami as Chief of Staff Ayanami.
07 Ghost also has an amazing soundtrack rich with combinations of church hymns and battle themes. The lyrics of the opening and ending songs both refer to Teito’s search for his memories and reason for living. The insert song Raggs no Chikonka has a lovely and nostalgic tune perfect for Teito’s reminiscing.
Character and background art are consistent with that of the manga. The familiar look of angels and their white wings were in good contrast with the black-clad death gods and their scythes. The Kor with skeleton wings can be thought of as an angel who had shed its feathers as a sign of rebellion. Aside from all of these, no one would deny how attractive the bishounen characters are.

Since the manga was still ongoing by the end of the anime, a number of mysteries are left unresolved. Back stories are also only shown for Teito and Frau. Another setback would be the inclusion of filler episodes and an over-played battle for an ending. Abrupt transitions from one scene to another was, sadly, a bit disappointing.

Final Say: The series may have ended but Teito’s journey has just begun. And while many are hopeful for a second season, we are left with various memories worth remembering. 07 Ghost is a high priority watch that fantasy and bishounen fans shouldn’t miss.

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