Tag: Yoru no Yatterman

Name: Leopard
Anime: Yoru no Yatterman
Voiced By: Eri Kitamura
Occupation: Dorobo Gang Leader

Background: A nine year-old girl who is a direct descendant of the Dorobo Gang's leader, Doronjo. When her mother dies as a result of the current Yattermen not allowing her to get the medicine she needed, Leopard reforms the Doronbo Gang to take vengeance against the Yatter Kingdom.

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Unfortunately for my extremely busy work schedule I wasn’t able to pick up as many series as I wanted to this season, but I’ll see what I can do about keeping up with the ones I’m watching. Although after watching the first few episodes of many series, I can’t say I am too thrilled about any of them.

Aldnoah.Zero 2Ansatsu KyoushitsuDeath ParadeDurarara!! x2Koufuku GraffitiKuroko no Basuke 3Seiken Tsukai no World BreakSengoku MusouThe Rolling GirlsTokyo Ghoul √AYoru no YattermanYuri Kuma Arashi

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Thank you Neregate, MAL, and Ani-Chart for providing us with information about the Winter 2014-2015 Anime!


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