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Our last Valentine special for this year gives spotlight to our favorite “official” anime couples. They may or may not have tied the knot yet but the relationship between these two definitely makes us wish we could be as in love as them. Find out which pairs made it to our list!

WARNING: If you don’t want to be spoiled on the following anime please finish them first before continuing!

  • Charlotte

  • Working!!!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while! Some of you may have noticed that I wasn’t able to join Sid in our season previews and roundups. 2015 has been quite challenging for me as I finished my graduate studies and changed jobs. However, I was still able to catch the most remarkable ones for this year.

And with that, I resume my yearly top 10 list of best anime. I have chosen from titles that finished airing in 2015. Read More
Title: Working’!!
Genre: Comedy
Rating: 8.2/10

Summary: Second season of Working!!

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Hey guys! Welcome to the first looks of the Fall 2011 anime season. I have decided to try things a little differently this time around to help everyone go to one place to find my thoughts about the current season’s anime. I figure it is a lot easier for everyone to just get a quick quick read by placing all the anime I have watched so far in one post rather than splitting them up and having you wait a year and half for the one you are looking for. And for your convenience I have also pleased some anchors to guide you through the post. Or alphabetical order if you prefer.

Bakuman 2Ben-ToBoku wa Tomodachi ga SukunaiChihayafuruCube x Cursed x CuriousGuilty CrownHunter X HunterKimi to BokuKyoukai Senjou no HorizonMaken-Ki!Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!Mashiro-Iro SymphonyMirai NikkiPersona 4Phi Brain: Kami no PuzzleShinryaku!? Ika MusumeTamayura ~hitotose~UN-GOWorking’!!

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