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Our last Valentine special for this year gives spotlight to our favorite “official” anime couples. They may or may not have tied the knot yet but the relationship between these two definitely makes us wish we could be as in love as them. Find out which pairs made it to our list!

WARNING: If you don’t want to be spoiled on the following anime please finish them first before continuing!

  • Charlotte

  • Working!!!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while! Some of you may have noticed that I wasn’t able to join Sid in our season previews and roundups. 2015 has been quite challenging for me as I finished my graduate studies and changed jobs. However, I was still able to catch the most remarkable ones for this year.

And with that, I resume my yearly top 10 list of best anime. I have chosen from titles that finished airing in 2015. Read More

I’m kind of sad that I had to drop so many, or skip all together because I simply don’t have enough time to watch anime these days. Thankfully there were plenty of anime this season to keep me going.

Akagami no ShirayukihimeAoharu x KikanjuuChaos DragonCharlotteClassroom CrisisDanchigaiGangstaGATEGOD EATERHimouto! Umaru-chanJitsu wa Watashi waJoukamachi no DandelionOverLordRanpo Kitan Game of LaplaceRokka no YuushaSore ga Seiyuu!

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