August 06, 2011
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Title: Starry Sky
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life
Rating: 6.0

Summary: Enrolled in Seigatsu Academy, a formerly all-boys school, is the only female student Yahisa Tsukiko. Offering various programs related to studying the stars, the school becomes a rendezvous for her and thirteen others who become important to her life.

Review: The personification of the different zodiac constellations is a very appealing and unique plot with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, Starry Sky greatly fails in this aspect. Connecting the personalities to the stories behind each zodiac would have given this series more meat. However, viewers are offered with nothing but cliché stories from different character’s point-of-view narration.

The characters and their emotions are also very shallow. The only interesting thing would be seeing different bishounen stereotypes representing all thirteen zodiac, including Ophiuchus. Starry Sky shows a reverse harem with no conclusion. Though the guys had different levels of affection towards Tsukiko, the dense lead girl never knew what her admirers felt. There is also nothing special about her other than being portrayed as a kind and fragile girl in need of protection.

Each episode lasts for only eleven minutes and each zodiac is featured in two episodes. The background music was limited to dramatic piano instrumentals. A regular Japanese rock ending theme was used with the instrumental version played for the first half and the one with vocals for the latter half of the series.

Final Say: For someone who hasn’t played the visual novel game from which the series was based, there is not enough impression left after watching Starry Sky. This is a low priority watch geared towards fans of the game alone.

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