Recruiting is Currently: OPEN

The applications are simple and don’t think it is some evil one-shot-wonder deal. Just because you don’t make the cut the first time doesn’t mean you should give up! I believe that people improve their writing skills as times go on if they keep at it. Plus it isn’t like older reviews go to waste, you can always go back and touch them up to your liking. If anyone is interested in a writing position please don’t hesitate to send your application to Your application should include:

  • Your username (must be registered to the site)
  • Why you want to join
  • How often you will most likely post
  • A review of ANY anime or manga in plain text or attached PDF

If you have a personal website already up and running you can always send those reviews. The only requirement I give is that the anime or manga must be 100% completed (since manga often don’t have an end date anime is most likely easier). You cannot review a anime or manga without watching all the episodes or reading all the chapters. The “grading” is basically scaled from most importance to least as so:

  • Posts entertainment
  • Grammar/Spelling
  • Format (i.e. how the post is structured)