Title: Kämpfer
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy
Rating: 6/10


Summary: The plot revolves around Natsuru Senō, a normal high school boy with blue hair. One day he wakes up to find himself turned into a girl. A stuffed tiger “Harakiri Tora” comes to life and tells him to fight as a female psychic fighter “Kämpfer”. Having no idea about what’s going on, Natsuru is involved in many battles against other female Kämpfer.

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First Look: Hanamaru Youchien

Title: Hanamaru Youchien (Kindergarten)
Genre: Comedy, School Life

Hanamaru Youchien

Summary: The story follows the life of a young kindergarten teacher Naozumi Tsuchida. He is inexperienced and the only guy kindergarten teacher in the school.  Naozumi struggles to keep his students happy, and get closer to one of his colleagues Nanako Yamamoto. When starting his first day of teaching he runs into a young girl named Anzu, who ends up being his student. Due to a series of events Anzu develops a crush for Naozumi. With the help of Anzu’s classmates Hiragi and Koume quite a few adventures stir up in this little school.

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Update #1

Hey guys and gals just wanted to throw you a quick update about what is going on. The reviews aren’t going to be occurring too often (i.e. daily) because of school which interferes with my anime watching. And besides it’s hard to watch 24+ episode series in one day! But don’t worry that doesn’t mean I have ran out of animes to review. There are still a few that I hope to get to ASAP, and I will keep you guys updated on my currently viewing anime list so you can look forward to new reviews when the season is over. For now here is a quick list of what I have in store:

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True Tears

Title: True Tears
Genre: Drama, Romance
Rating: 2/10

True Tears

Summary: True Tears revolves around a high school student named Shinichirō Nakagami with a high artistic ability. He lives with his mother, father, and fellow high school student Hiromi Yuasa who moved into his house after her father died. Her father had been a close friend of the family, so it was natural for Hiromi to come stay with the Nakagami family; one year has passed since she came to live in their home. Shinichirō has known Hiromi for years, but before he had always treasured her smile, though now she acts coldly when at home and he cannot bring up the nerve to talk with her either. When she is at school, Hiromi is popular, always smiles, and is talented in sports, but Shinichirō knows she must be hiding things inside her. At school, he meets a strange girl named Noe Isurugi who wishes him misfortune after Shinichirō teases her. After a bit of bad luck, he reconciles with Noe by crafting a chicken out of a tissue box and finds out from her that she “gave her tears away”. Shinichirō also likes to spend time with his childhood friends Miyokichi Nobuse and Aiko Endō at the Imagawayaki shop Aiko’s family owns.

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