First Look: Fall 2012

Well guys, I haven’t been able to pick up quite as many series this time around because I’ve been super busy with the whole “adult” thing. Boring isn’t it? But fear not! I still have quite a list on me and I will be reviewing quite a few of the past anime that I’ve watched. I have a nice back log going so it isn’t like this site is going to die or anything. Now you aren’t here to listen to me ramble about being responsible so I’ll get right to the good stuff. As usually I’ve color coated everything for worth picking up, on watch, and dropping.

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Nazo no Kanojo X

Title: Nazo no Kanojo X
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
Rating: 9.0/10


Summary: Akira is a normal high school boy, but he nevertheless impulsively licks some drool left by the mysterious transfer student Mikoto. The next day he falls asleep with an inexplicable fever. After five days Mikoto suddenly comes to visit, and makes him consume her drool. The fever instantly vanishes, and Mikoto explains that he’s suffering from “love sickness.” She can transmit emotions through her drool, and the two of them are now bound together.

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Medaka Box

Title: Medaka Box
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Rating: 7.7/10


Summary: Medaka Kurokami, a first year student at Hakoniwa Academy, excels at everything she does. She becomes the Student council president and along with her childhood friend, Zenkichi Hitoyoshi, she plans to solve all of the student body’s problems that are submitted to a suggestion box, dubbed the “Medaka Box.”

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