Nyan Koi

Title: Nyan Koi!
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem
Rating: 8.2/10

Nyan Koi

Review: Nyan Koi is an ongoing series that started airing October 1, 2009 in Japan. I found the story to be unique in terms of romance comedies, a boy who got cursed by a cat statue threating him to turn into a cat? And he is ALLERGIC? Oh boy who would have thought it, a life threatening curse that can only be removed by doing good deeds… for cats. The anime jumps right into the main plot of Junpei KĊsaka being cursed for breaking the head off a statue representing a cat god. Suddenly Junpei finds himself able to understand cats which is lucky for him because he needs all the help he can get to lift this curse. That being said, some support characters try to aid him in lifting this curse, while others tend to more harm than good. The art style is very standard and doesn’t really stand out compared to other animes, not saying this is a bad thing but also doesn’t quite bring anything new to the table. As for the story, romance between Junpei and his fellow female peers can only be described as “luckiest man in the world”. Junpei not only has a large selection but they all seem to take interest in him. The curse does bring in a new little twist that effects the relation with the him and the girl he likes, Kaede Mizuno. The anime felt a little jumpy to me though in the later episodes, like they wanted to kind of push the story along faster. As for the curse, it seemed “forgotten” until the end of the season where they made a quick progression of what was happening. Sorry for the short review but you can only do so much for a one season, ongoing series! Hope to update soon when the next season comes out.

Final statements: The anime seems to have a pretty good foothold story wise, as the characters are all likeable. I would like to see where they take this anime. Preferred watch.

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