June 30, 2011
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Title: Kamichama Karin
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Magical girl, Romance
Rating: 8.5/10

Summary: Karin Hanazono is an ordinary girl who isn’t good with her studies or sports. As an orphan who lives with a family relative, losing her only friend and pet cat Shii-chan makes her realize that she is alone. While making her pet’s grave she meets a boy named Kazune Kujyou. This encounter leads her to know more about herself and the mysterious ring that allows her to become a god.

Review: The combination of a secret past and a dose of Greek mythology creates a plotline that is unique to this genre. The gothic and mysterious tone of the opening song perfectly foreshadows this contrary to the ending themes that had a cheerful beat fit for a mahou shoujo series.

A definite eye-catcher is Koge Donbo’s trademark “cute” art though it makes the series seem like something for kids.  Chibi characters in Lolita outfits are simply adorable. This goes for their everyday look as well as their transformed version or Kamika.

Each of the main characters borrows power from a certain Greek god. Fear not for the series closely adapts accurate information about the gods without boring you with a history lecture. The characters not only carry a god’s symbol but some of their personalities and abilities as well. Apollo was a strong and handsome young god who fought with bows and arrows. Athena, whose prominent symbol was the olive, wins all her battles along with the goddess of victory Nike. The god of war Ares and the goddess of the night Nyx also make their appearance.

Aside from the bishounen, Karin’s transformation sequence is a pleasure to see, especially with her cuteness and catchphrase “I am god!”. Another comic relief would be Karasuma Kirio who is always given various nicknames by Karin. There is also that unexpected shift from the cool and princely figure of Kazune to a guy who faints at the sight of bugs. Good and bad guys alike, they were all still human characters who stumble upon life’s little troubles and even suffer from physical and emotional pain. Their god-like powers were simply meant to protect their loved ones.

Final Say: Everything that makes Kamichama Karin a high priority watch is apparent from the first episode and it ends with a complete story sure to satisfy anyone. At the same time, it provides an interesting sneak peek to its manga sequel Kamichama Karin Chu.

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