First Look: Hanamaru Youchien

Title: Hanamaru Youchien (Kindergarten)
Genre: Comedy, School Life

Hanamaru Youchien

Summary: The story follows the life of a young kindergarten teacher Naozumi Tsuchida. He is inexperienced and the only guy kindergarten teacher in the school.  Naozumi struggles to keep his students happy, and get closer to one of his colleagues Nanako Yamamoto. When starting his first day of teaching he runs into a young girl named Anzu, who ends up being his student. Due to a series of events Anzu develops a crush for Naozumi. With the help of Anzu’s classmates Hiragi and Koume quite a few adventures stir up in this little school.

First Look: Hanamaru Youchien is actually one of the funniest animes I have seen this season. Though unexpected, I found myself laughing quite hard Anzu’s attempts to impress Naozumi, and Naozumi’s attempts to impress Nanako. The series is very “cutesy” and not the type I tend to watch, but I have had a change of heart. The little fights or drama that occur really puts a smile on your face. Jokes can range from Anzu trying to be more grown up and “acting like a women” to little things like Anzu struggling to climb up on a table. The support characters always play a role to help Anzu get together with Naozumi. For all of you out there judging the setting of a kindergarten give this anime a chance. I was skeptical at first but I’m actually looking forward to where they take this anime. The series is short and told to be only 12 episodes long, but we’ll see. I can’t really say much about this anime other than it puts a smile on my face. The artwork is average, the soundtrack too.

Final statements: Seems like a pretty solid comedy, and suggest people to at least check it out. It might not be for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to watch an episode or two. On watch.

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