CotM: Seijuurou Akashi

Name: Seijuurou Akashi
Anime: Kuroko no Basket
Voiced By: Hiroshi Kamiya
School: Rakuzan High
Position: Point Guard
Skills: Emperor Eye, Triple Threat Penetration, Ankle Break

Seijuurou Akashi - 01

Seijuurou Akashi - 02

Background: The final member of the Generation of Miracles, he stood at their head as captain, leading their team to uncontested victory during the three years he played for Teikou Middle School. He is uninterested in winning, simply because victory in his eyes is an absolute given, requisite to his own life as much as breathing. But he has grown tired of victory in the absence of a chance of defeat.

Reason for CotM: Seijuurou Akashi has quickly become my favorite member of the Generation of Miracles because the atmosphere he sets around himself. It’s not that I find him inspiring or someone to look up to, but the sheer power he emanates has me in awe. Even hearing his voice sends a chill down my spine. Akashi’s determination and confidence in his abilities is unmatched. To him it isn’t just about winning, it is about dominating.  He always wins and he’s always right.

Seijuurou Akashi - 03

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