CotM: Akane Tsunemori

Name: Akane Tsunemori
Voiced By: Kana Hanazawa, Kate Oxley, Maria Letizia Scifoni, Julia Stoepel
Occupation: Inspector
Age: 20

Akane Tsunemori - 01Akane Tsunemori - 02

Background: The main female protagonist and the newly assigned Inspector of Unit 1. Considered a model citizen due to her ever calm demeanor and for passing the exams with the highest score for employment on several public sectors and private corporations. She decided to join the police due to being the only place where no one obtained a score as high as hers, thus she believes to be able to do something there that no one else can.

Reason for CotM: After the release of PSYCHO PASS 2 it only took one episode to realize who should be the November 2014 character of the month should be. Akane has become one of the most kickass girls of recent anime. I was shocked about how much she has changed since the first season, yet could see how she became such an amazing inspector. She always cared about the greater good, and decided to put her full trust in the Sybil System. However, she never became a mindless drone and still believes in society. What truly made me take note of her was Akane’s ability to keep a clear psycho pass. The series emphasizes the fear people have of clouding their psycho pass and becoming a ‘dangerous color’. Akane has been warned multiple times that she should ease off the case because her psycho pass will cloud, but she never backs down. She will always ask, “Do you think I’m insane?”, and her numbers will never increase. It is something that is both amazing and terrifying. While she is fighting for the greater good, she is also someone the system fears; someone with such strong conviction that no matter their action, they will always have a clear mind. To me, she has become the perfection that the Sybil System is trying to accomplish.

Akane Tsunemori - 03

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